Florim Basaltine

Florim  Basaltine

The way Florim Milestone Basaltine tile collection captures volcanic stone beauty is nothing short of elegant. This contemporary look is sure to satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetic and architecture tastes, especially within a modern home. Whether you desire to have elegance on your floors or your walls, this selection can suit any need for your modern atmosphere with the option of a natural or grip finish. Whichever option you need or whichever color, this tile collection is sure to be an eye-catching beautiful piece of your project, commercial or residential.

As a beautiful, versatile tile, this collection is available in 5 colors which are sure to make a great impact. The Florim USA Basaltine White for example is a great choice for unique and refined spaces. With the white background and grainy grey overlay and dark grey streaks here and there, this tile is a very clean and simple design and that�s what makes it so great. Sand is truly reminiscent of beautiful sand on the beach. The white with tan, grainy overlay and hints of grey speckles mixed in creatures a tile very close to the actual appearance of sand (hence the name). The other brown color, Nut is a very rich color as a mixture of brown and grey. However, it�s not quite taupe in color. This color blends brown and grey, producing a very charcoal color. While some tiles feature a harmonized taupe blend of brown and grey, others may be predominately one color with hints of the other. Light Grey is a simple heather grey color. Light grey is the background color with dark grey speckled overlay, producing the heathered look. The Dark Grey hue is very close to black in color, making this a charcoal grey color. It is a dark grey with even darker grains on top, making both grey hues simple yet modern and effective. These colors really work well in combination of one another and creating your own unique patterns. However, if one solid color is more what you�re looking for, that also looks just as snappy and elegant.

What would the Florim Milestone Basaltine tile selection be without great size variety? This collection comes in 7 great sizes to suit any tile project needs. The 24�x48�, the largest of the collection and is a contemporary size that is excellent for showing off the beauty of the tile color as well as commercial use. 24�x24� is another large size that is excellent for commercial spaces and showing off color, however the 24�x24� size is a traditional size and suits those that like to use classic sizes. 18�x36� is another large contemporary size and works well for commercial or residential use. Getting into the smaller sizes, 12�x24� is a contemporary size that works great in the modern home and enchanting places such as the kitchen. The 6�x24� is the ideal size for those that are looking to have this color and design in plank sizes. The 12�x12� is the classic size of classics and ideal for spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere else your heart desires in your home. Coming in natural and grip finish, this size can be used on the floor as well as walls. To polish off, this elegant collection features a 2�x2� mosaics as well as 3�x12� Bullnose and 6�x12� Cove Bases which are necessities to complete your look with style.

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