Florim Luxury

Florim  Luxury

Florim Luxury Tile Flooring is a collection that emulates the classic marble look of the Italian world. What makes this collection stand out from the others is the uniqueness in sizes offered. Not only is the standard contemporary 12 inch by 24 inch available, there is an 16 inch by 32 inch. For a large format the 24 inch by 24 inch. A unique twist is the plank looks measuring 8 inch by 32 inch and a smaller 4 inch by 32 inch. It's there sizes that enables one to mix and match wide and narrow plank for a wood effect marble visual.

This series is offered in 5 colors. The first is the classic Luxury Calacatta with it's pronounced light grayish veining throughout. The HD Ink Jet technology really gives the most realistic visual on the market today. The Marfil is a take on the Crema Marfil with light beige tones and ever so slight variations that can be subtly seen. For the browns there is the Amani Bronze that has a rich brown accented by white striations giving a perfect contrast. For the popular gray tones, check out the Florim Luxury Amani Gray which takes the same look as the Bronze but slightly more grayish swirling with the white undertones. Lastly, for an almost ebony color tone there is the Nero which has dark black that the white veining almost breaks through providing that contrast that is typical of Nero Marble.

One more thing that sets this series apart is not only is the standard polished finish available, but the same colors are duplicated in a matte finish as well. The sizes vary slightly between the matte and polished but now any application can be obtained with two different textures. The accent pieces include a hexagon mosaic, a listello and of course a bullnose. Each of the accent pieces are available in either matte or polished as well to match the field tile. Florim Luxury is approved for either residential or commercial applications.

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