Floorte Infinite

Floorte Infinite
The Floorte Infinite vinyl collection provides you with floors that rise up to the test of time and offers classic wood, tile, and stone looks at a reduced cost. Not only does this vinyl collection resemble natural woods, stones, and tiles at less cost, it also boasts a ton of added benefits while providing strength, durability, and security for your home.

Floorte Infinite offers vinyl that is incredibly resilient and truly is a superior performing product. The vinyl is completely waterproof resistant and can be placed in areas where natural hardwood floors cannot. These areas include the bathroom, kitchen, as well as other places where water might be incredibly prevalent. A big reason for the waterproof resistance is the 8 mil wear layer that provides incredible absorption. However, Shaw aims to stand alone with this vinyl by providing 12 mil and 20 mil wear layer options with the Infinite collection. That means these 2mm thick and 7 x 48 planks are built to outlast any and all spills no matter how long they are sitting for.

These floors come with an extravagant ArmourBead finish to finish the story of the narrative that your home is telling. Installation should bring no concerns or headaches either with the Floorte Infinite collection. A direct glue process creates an easy DIY project that makes things effortless as you get ready to induce your home with beautiful flooring.

To add to all of the great benefits of Floortes collection, there are 12 beautiful selections to choose from. Each vinyl has awe-inspiring colors to choose from to paint a masterpiece in your home and to make you feel the security beneath your feat you have longed for.

Raw Sienna is a beautiful medium to dark brown vinyl that carries consistent patterns. Beautiful grains are abound with this vinyl.

Just like one of the seven wonders of the world, Grand Canyon is a sight to behold and one that inspires wonder, curiosity, and transcends other vinyl floors. Grand Canyon is a beautiful light brown with a swirling personality.

Salt River is a vinyl that has some bite to it. The light brown vinyl with some subtle color within the undertones creates a unique floor that stands out from other light browns in the Shaw Infinite collection.

Pampas is a beige vinyl with some subtle undertones that give a vast embrace to your home. This color really highlights the wide planks in the collection.

Drift takes a step away from the norm. A dark gray with brown and amber undertones makes this blend exciting and different than your standard vinyl colors.

Boheme Brown is a dark brown that will make all other accents in the home pop even more than normal. This floor offers a unique appetite for your home that may especially stand out in areas where natural lighting comes into play.

A beautiful hardwood aesthetic that makes things feel open, Route 66 provides a medium brown rich with textured patterns and subtle undertones and hues for the optimal feel for your home.

Vista may be the most grainy pattern-filled vinyl within the Shaw Infinite collection. This light brown vinyl has the strongest grains and its light appearance makes the patterns look even more unique under the right light.

Barley Field is true to its name with a blonde floor with a golden glow. To recapture the look of beautiful barley fields in flooring make this a great decision for those that want to bring an encompassing soulful feel to their residence.

Raconteur makes a medium brown separate itself from other browns with golds, ambers and other colors shining through. Its almost the look of flooring through a masterfully crafted kaleidoscope.

Shangrila truly is a magnificent vinyl with light brown coloring and dark streaks of uneven lines creating different patterns throughout. It may be something different than what youre used to, but it still blends in characteristics of timeless classics to create something eccentric.

Like Shangrila, Spiced Apple has those unique line patterns to give a different look. Spice Apples a lighter selection for those that want the unbelievable patterns to stand out.

The Floorte Infinite vinyl collection comes with both a 15-year residential and 15-year commercial warranty. Shaw understands these floors are made to outlast all challenges with this warranty that should ensure your peace of mind when it comes to installing luxury vinyl flooring in your home.
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