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Emser Tile Eurasia

Emser Tile Eurasia
Emser Tile Eurasia porcelain tile flooring is a glazed collection that replicates the popular appeal of natural stone through the use of high definition imaging technology. Available in four styles—along with a mosaic blend option—the series has several advantages over the natural stone it beautifully mimics. Resistant to chemicals and freeze­thaw cycling, these stone look porcelain tile floors can be installed outside without consequence.

The surface is also easier to clean than natural stone and does not readily chip or crack. An extremely high breaking strength of 450 pounds will hold up to heavy use and foot traffic, which is ideal for households with pets and children.

Not only does this lineup showcase style and durability but also environmental responsibility; as the porcelain tiles are made from at least 4 percent pre- consumer recycled materials. This allows designers to meet the needs of eco- friendly remodeling or new construction projects.

You can choose from the standard 13”x13”, elongated 12”x24”, or monolithic 18”x18” sizes. A visually striking mosaic blend sets this lineup apart from other collections with more generic options. A porcelain tile's size and color are factors to consider when choosing a décor scheme. Turn to the bullnose for yet another way to customize the look and layout of your interior design.

For a full bodied appearance, turn to Eurasia Grigio. This model sports a look that somehow mystically blends the modern with the traditional. As a fairly neutral color, your design concept will match changes to trends over the years. Eurasia Noce is a softer tone, replete with natural stone patterns and a swirl of beige, brown, and ash. The myriad of details adds allure to master bathrooms and kitchens with brass fixtures or other stone surfaces.

Café blends striking ivories with mellow sandy browns, ideal for rooms with abundant natural light. Go with a traditional uniform installation layout or combine two tile sizes for a hopscotch pattern. Our flooring design experts are happy to suggest what colors and sizes best suit your scheme.

Please call us to order Emser Tile Eurasia porcelain tile flooring . We will quote square footage and arrange for shipping.

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