Eleganza Woodland

Eleganza Woodland
Eleganza Woodland porcelain tile flooring brings natural aesthetics and modern technology to all interior design schemes. You will see veining, random patterns and rich details in each of these wood look porcelain tiles. Using state of the art imaging, the surface captures what nature takes centuries to create.

Your porcelain tile floor's size will also affect the design scheme you wish to create. This collection boasts a striking 8” x 32” size that puts the fine details on full display. The broad width tile makes large rooms feel cozier while small spaces will seem larger.

With versatile applications, designers can meet separate design tastes with a single lineup or porcelain tiles. Our floor design experts are available to suggest what model best matches your project needs.

For a one of a kind look from a prized species; look to Woodland Cherry. The reddish brown color adds luxury to any living space, such as living rooms, master bedrooms and even as kitchen floors. You will enjoy the stately charm of cherry wood in an affordable and eco­friendly way with this wood look porcelain tile floor. Light drapes and beige or light brown fabrics create a stark contrast while darker colors complement the rich tones.

The natural attributes of Woodland Oak boasts a light brown shade that easily matches various design schemes. Rooms with natural light exposure and large windows allow the radiant honey brown tones to be on full display. Sunlight or moonlight will skip across the polished surface to reveal the color swirls that take centuries to create in nature.

These porcelain tile floors have common benefits for all designers. The surface is resistant to scratches and stains with resistance to moisture damage. A complete manufacturer's warranty is added assurance that these lovely porcelain tiles will stand the test of time. Thin set installation provides a lasting fit that withstands all foot traffic conditions.

For square footage quotes and to order, please contact us to buy Eleganza Woodland porcelain tile flooring.

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