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Edimax Slaty

Edimax Slaty
Edimaxs Slaty Tile Flooring collection is in a single phrase, unparalleled on every level. Like the deepest core of the earth, this collections aims to hypnotize with its intricate patchwork style of tile flooring that patches mismatched shades and creates a truly diverse look. There are very words to describe this collection, but the colors, shades, and blends do a superb job of speaking for themselves. They will truly leave you speechless.

Within this collection there are three unique blends that strive to start a conversation and make waves. First there is Edimax Slaty Multicolor which audaciously mixes dark and deep shades of mineral rocks like Red Rock and licorice colored graphite. Within this blend, there is also lighter tones that are similar to beige rock that you can see on mountain tops in Yosemite Park. Slaty Ochre is a more structure mixture that evokes the scaly portions of stone rock with blotchy patches of black and red. This shade blend would go great in a boldly furnished design studio or formal dining room for those who like to walk on the daring side.

Edimax Slaty Almond has a chameleon like ability to be both stunning and traditional in appearance. It meticulously weaves tinges of smooth ivory and toasted marshmallow into each tile for a look reminiscent of Ancient Roman tile and marble. There is no shortage of beauty with this tile flooring collection. With a diverse and wide range of sizes to choose from, every room can possess the Roman richness that Edimax Slaty tile flooring brings.

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