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Earthwerks Tavern Plus

The Earthwerks Tavern Plus collection combines stunning design with the latest technology to create luxury vinyl planks that make a statement in any space. The Tavern Plus collection is made up of dark, rustic, luxury vinyl planks that have a lot of character to them. A blend of the contemporary and the historic, the Earthwerks Tavern Plus collection offers a variety of stunning luxury vinyl plank options.

Planks come in a size of 7x 48 and have an overall thickness of 0.20. Each plank has a 12 mil wear layer. This wear layer adds extra protection to the vinyl planks, making them incredibly durable as well as pet and kid friendly.

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, these luxury vinyl planks are recyclable and manufactured in energy-efficient facilities. All the planks contain recycled content and are FloorScore certified. FloorScore certification ensures that hard surface flooring and the material they are made with are in compliance with stringent indoor air quality emissions.

The floors can be installed using the click floating floor method. This engineered locking system is perfect for fast installations. With this installation process, these floors do not adhere to the subfloor.

The Tavern Plus collection comes with a twenty year light commercial warranty and a thirty year residential warranty.

The Collection

The Earthwerks Tavern Plus collection is made up of six different colors to choose from. The colors in this collection are on the darker end of the color spectrum. All the colors in this collection are rich and add character to a space. Dunkel is the darkest color in this collection. A blend of rich dark browns, medium browns, and a slight hints of cherry brown, this floor is warm and inviting. It has an overall rustic feel to it that adds character to any space. Pilsner is a blend of light browns and medium browns. With those colors blended together this floor has a warmth to it. The light brown adds a warm glow to the floor that lightens it up. On the lighter end if the spectrum, there is Pale Ale. This light flooring option contains a blend of blonde, medium brown, and dark knots throughout the planks. The blonde color gives this floor a contemporary appearance to it while the brown keeps the planks appearing rustic and worn.Pint is a more subdued option. A blend of mostly medium tone browns, this floor is blend of medium brown and slightly lighter browns. This creates a floor that is sophisticated and will be the perfect flooring backdrop for a living room or kitchen. Imperial is the most unique flooring option in this collection. A blend of light greys, light browns, and dark browns, there is a rustic yet artsy appearance to this flooring option. This all blends together to create a floor that makes a perfect backdrop to a living room or dining room space.

See something from this collection that you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. For more flooring options from Edimax, be sure to check out their other tile and natural stone options here.

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