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Daltile Tiger Eye

Daltile Tiger Eye

Be bold. Be brave. Look directly into the eye of the tiger and let your creativity roar! Daltile introduces the Tiger Eye Collection. Your home or office could most likely benefit from some color, texture or general reinvigoration and your search comes up with options that are boring, run-of-the-mill or frightfully expensive. Not anymore. This fine offering of mosaic tiles will suit your needs and provide your space with the lift you crave. Each Mosaic is 1 inch in height with random dimension widths to create the perfect offset look that has become a decorating mainstay.

The foundation of Tiger Eye comes from the rich look of stone, artfully enhanced with a top layer of transparent colored glass in a variety of scintillating color combinations. Anything but ordinary, Caspian blends greys, white, silver and cream to create a neutral mix. Bali is a delicious blend of chocolate, cream and beige with detailed strokes and lines exposing the artistic nature beneath the surface. Java is reminiscent of your morning joe, black and bold, brown with a hint of cream, and coppery - like the sunlight shining through your cup of coffee in the morning. Indo blends neutral grey and white creamy tones with exciting turquoise to enhance your decorative elements. Malayan blends copper, burgundy, grey and cream with intricate textures; invoking intrigue in the eye of the beholder. Siberian is a shimmering wonder; combining gold, amber, rose, copper and dark brown to create a masterpiece. Bengal is just like the tiger- completing the aesthetic with bold shades of brown, burnt orange, copper and shimmering black. Sumatran is a decadent combination of browns, creamy rose, gold as well as hints of copper and an iridescent finish to create maximum intrigue - a personal favorite.

Treat yourself to inspiration and color. Treat yourself to innovative design and trendy looks by choosing Daltile. Cover your walls in Tiger Eye and you may almost find yourself tired of the vast amount of praise and compliments you begin to receive. Almost.

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