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Daltile P'Zazz

Daltile P'Zazz

The Daltile P’zazz tile collection is a snappy, elegant, and unique design all in one. Keeping it minimal, this tile selection features chic colors and a hint of shine that will make your tile flooring stand out and balance out the busy room you are designing. What’s unique about these particular collection is that each tile uses varying hues of the color, starting from dark and stretching all the way to light. When combined, it creates a design that is sure to look unique and fun (especially if you mix it up) while keeping it classy enough to be elegant.

As a snazzy tile collection, there are 6 colors for you to choose from. The Daltile P’Zazz White Ritz is a reminiscent of a tuxedo or a suit. While it is a white base, there is also a soft gray blending in, giving the tile a snappy, well dressed appearance. The Beige Flair is a beige base with a mix of gray and white as it descends down into lighter colors. Tan Dazzle is more of a taupe color as it descends from taupe into gray and white. Gold Glam is striking as it is a honey-gold color that transitions into a lighter honey-gold color with the use of white. Gray Shimmer is a snazzy silver, working its glamorous appearance by using white to give it a strong silver color rather than simply gray. The rival to Gold Shimmer would be Black Drama as a striking and unique color. By blending black and white, this color blends from black to a dark gray as the white lightens it up.

This snappy Daltile P’zazz flooring selection is naturally contemporary in design and as such offers contemporary sizes. The 6”x24” is the smaller of the two contemporary sizes. This size is great for creating a dramatic, fun design as you highlight the changing hues within the piece of tile as you place them with other pieces. 12”x24” is the next contemporary size and is both longer and wider. This size will produce a different effect compared to 6”x24” but nonetheless still very stunning while letting your creativity shine. Along with the contemporary sizes, there is also the classic size of 12”x12” for those that are looking to do something a bit more uniform with their design. For finishing touches, there are mosaic options to choose as well.

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