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Daltile Industrial Park

Daltile Industrial Park
Daltile Industrial Park porcelain tiles draw inspiration from the industrial landscape filled with concrete and other composite materials, this collection holds a sophisticated contemporary urban appeal. These hardy tiles make an attractive modern addition to everything from countertops to walls to backsplashes, and even work well as pool lining. Designed especially to keep protect each step even on wet or inclined surfaces, these tiles make a smart choice for ramps and exterior areas.

Available in four neutral modern composite colors: Industrial Park Natural Beige, Light Gray, Chestnut Brown, and Charcoal black. Each color effortlessly compliments the other and allows a great deal of latitude when mixing and matching to create interesting design features. Natural Beige is a creamy beige with flecks of mineral throughout to add texture as well as depth to the color. Industrial Park Light Gray is speckled with the mineral aggregate appearance of textured concrete. Chestnut Brown is a warm saddle brown with patches of dark beige. Charcoal Black has an almost smoky look with clouds of anthracite grey blended in a mixture of silver grey for a uniquely modern look. Used in a pattern or uniformly, this collection will bring a clean modern look to your design.

Daltile Industrial Park porcelain tile comes in squares sized 12
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