Daltile Bee Hive

Daltile Bee Hive

If you’re looking for a fresh, unique, and modern look for your next flooring project, Daltile Bee Hive flooring does not fail to deliver. What’s unique about this type of tiling is that they are hexagonal in shape and the first of their kind to be offered in 24”x20” sizes. With this type of design and a wide pallet of grey hues, you are able to mix and match and make your own design patterns!

If you’re looking for a warm pattern, white or ivory is the way to go. These two bright colors are warm, clean, and invitingly smooth in appearance. To balance it out but keeping to a warm design, taupe would be a great deep (yet still light) option to add into your design. Taupe is a great neutral color that harmonizes a little bit of brown with grey, giving this lovely warm stone color. If you are looking for a darker color scheme, Daltile Bee Hive Ashgrey and Grey feature deep grey colors. The Ashgrey is a deep take on Taupe where it is a mix of a darker grey and brown hues. Grey on the other hand is a strong stone color akin to rocks found in nature. Unlike rocks however, this hexagonal tile is smooth to the touch and adds a fashionable appearance to your project. If you look close enough, there is a dash of brown added to the mix to help finalize the natural look. Lastly to add strong contrast, this collection also includes black tile to choose from. If you’re looking to add pop to your design, this deep, charcoal color is sure to add that eye grabbing look to your project.

If you’re concerned about tying your project all together but not having the right tools to do so, Daltile Bee Hive offers bullnose tiles to help you complete the project’s appearance.

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