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If you’re looking for something modern and simple that boasts elegance, the Caesar One tile flooring collection is for you. This porcelain tile collection is inspired by the terracotta-cement look, achieving its beauty by using a mixture of earth tones with the modern look of cement. And with the terracotta-cement look, you also get a warm, vintage-effect which is great if you’re into the modern and vintage look.

This earthy tile collection boasts 6, modern tones for you to choose from. There is the rich, deep grey tones, such as the Caesar One Mud, which is an amalgamation of brown and grey, resulting in a dark taupe color. The texture on this particular collection looks as if it is composed of brush strokes which helps achieve its warm, elegant look. Ground is another dark look, this time focusing on the dark charcoal tones of grey. Though call Indigo, this tone is closer to the standard grey color that is between dark and light tones, which gives it a slight blueish tone. Getting into the lighter grey colors, Gesso is a very light grey color with white mixed into the grey to achieve its bright, silvery look. Cement is the lighter version of Mud, focusing on soft, tan colors with a hint of grey. Rope comes in as a darker, sandy color inspired by the tan of fresh rope or by the sand of a beach.

The Caesar One porcelain tile collection comes in 2 sizes for your needs. There is the contemporary 12”x24” for those that enjoy more of the rectangular look of tiles or 24”x24” for those that enjoy the traditional look of squared tile. To complete the look, there is also a Bullnose option available for you to choose from.

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