Beauflor Style

Beauflor Style
The Beauflor Style collection combines the timeless look of natural hardwood with an eco-friendly rigid core construction and the technology of the DreamClick 360 locking system to create a vinyl floor that is stunningly similar to natural hardwood flooring. The Beauflor Style collection comes with embossed in register planks that give planks the appearance of real hardwood flooring. The Style collection resembles hardwood flooring and is absolutely stunning.

The Beauflor Style collection is kid and pet friendly. These floors are made to withstand everyday wear and tear. From pet scratches and accidents, to kid accidents, these floors have a lot of protective features. The floors in this collection are waterproof and scratch resistant. You can be sure that your floors will continue to be in pristine condition long after you’ve installed them.

When it comes to the environment, these floors are good for the environment and good for your health. The vinyl planks are 100% recyclable. They are also made from 80% recycled and mineral content. The planks are also FloorScore certified. When a floor is FloorScore certified it means that it is compliant with stringent indoor air quality emissions. That why you can be sure that these floors are safe and will not bring toxicity into your space.

With the DreamClick 360 locking system these floors are fast and easy to install. With a 360 locking system you can easily click the planks into place any way that you want. No heavy equipment is needed. Explore a variety of flooring patterns. From herringbone to rectangular patterns, these floors offer you the chance to be creative and make your own unique flooring combination. The vinyl planks can be installed in every type of room and on all subfloors with little to no preparation.

Planks in this collection are 8.03” x 52.20”. The planks have an overall thickness of 5 mm and a 22 mil wear layer. The wear layer gives planks long-lasting durability from everyday wear and tear.

The Collection

The collection is made up of twelve different flooring options to choose from. From grey hues to deep, rustic colors and natural light browns, this flooring collection has a lot of options to choose from. When it comes to grey flooring options there are many options to choose from in this collection. From light grey to deep greys, the Beauflor Style collection has it all. Cracked Ash Grey is a blend of medium and light grey. With knots of black throughout, this floor has a rustic appearance to it. Elegant Dark Grey is the darkest grey in the collection. A beautiful swirl of medium grey tones and light brown tones throughout, this floor is a bolder flooring choice. Elegant Light Grey, Elegant Light Greige, and Elegant Dark Grey are all light and bright flooring options. These colors are perfect for a space that you want to make open, light, and inviting. These light flooring options would be perfect for a kitchen or living room area. For another light flooring option there is Vivid Natural. On the warmer side of the color spectrum there are many warm brown flooring options. Elegant Natural is light brown with a blend of grey hues throughout. This light color would pair well in an open space. Elegant Natural Brown is a warm medium brown. It is the darker version of Elegant Natural. For a more natural and rustic appearance, there is Cracked Natural Brown. This warm brown floor has warm yellow hues throughout with cracks and knots throughout. This gives this flooring an overall rustic appearance. For a darker flooring option, consider Cracked Dark Brown. Rustic Dark is a blend of dark grey, washed out ash grey, and warm yellow hues. Blended together this color combination creates a plank that is unique and bold. If you want flooring that is rustic and makes a statement, this floor is for you.

For more vinyl flooring options from Beauflor, check out more collections here. If you have any questions or would like to order flooring today, give us a call at 510-698-5142!

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