Beauflor Hues

Beauflor Hues
A versatile, naturally inspired SPC line from Beauflor, the Hues brand of vinyl tile comes in patterned white oak and hickory planks in a variety of shapes and trendy hues. With everything from traditional wood grain designs with cathedrals to more delicate textures, Beauflors Hues delivers on-trend style at an excellent value. Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) collection Hues has a 12 mil wear layer and a 1mm linked cushion. It is one of the greatest alternatives to solid hardwood flooring due to its versatility and beauty. The Hues line offers a number of benefits, including the fact that it is built to withstand daily use and is inspired by nature. It is also perfect for installation at all levels and quite easy to maintain.

Hues, a brand-new flooring option from Beauflor, is a vinyl floor covering that resembles classic hard wood yet outlasts both that type of flooring and the majority of others on the market. The larger size board from Hues is 7x48 inches and features an attached cushion of 1mm. To draw attention to the particular quirks of each board, it has a painted Micro bevel, an I4F Standard Locking mechanism, and a 12 mm wear layer. Not only that, but it also includes lifetime residential and ten-year commercial warranties!

The Hues lines SPC flooring is one of its most impressive features. The longest-lasting waterproof vinyl flooring option available is SPC flooring. Although it has a structure similar to WPC, the phrase "rigid core" refers to its ultra-tough core. In case youre curious, SPC is an acronym for the following two words: Stone plastic composite, also known as stone polymer composite. It relates to the cores composition. This flooring is extremely durable and maintains its form even on uneven subfloors thanks to the SPC core. This implies that SPC solid core luxury vinyl flooring may be laid for any degree of traffic, over almost any existing (hard surface) subfloor.

SPC flooring, like the Hues series, has a number of advantages in addition to being able to be installed on any level. SPC floorings real-wood-like design is one of them. SPC flooring is really affordable. SPC flooring typically costs less than hardwood flooring while still giving off the desired authentic wood look. Similar cheap installation costs apply. By installing the I4F click locking system yourself, you could even be able to save money on labor. It goes without saying that it is a practical substitute for pricey wood flooring.

The resilience of SPC flooring under heavy usage is another benefit. That SPC flooring can sustain high traffic activity better than other types of flooring is not unexpected. In fact, this quality is one of the main reasons SPC flooring is so well-liked. Being able to handle a lot of foot traffic makes it the perfect choice for large families or active individuals. Additionally, SPC flooring is not easily scratched or discoloured. SPC flooring has a high traffic tolerance and is highly durable. Due of these qualities, it may be regularly used in commercial spaces like offices, shops, and restaurants.

The Beauflor Hues lines simplicity of installation is yet another outstanding benefit. The I4F locking system, billed as "the worlds best and easiest flooring installation system," is used by Hues. Since no inserts or specialised tools are needed, drop-lock flooring installation techniques from i4F may be 30 and faster than traditional angle systems. The solutions from I4F are suitable for all types of flooring as well as having an incredibly high locking strength. You are also secure with i4F when it comes to the possibility of water damage. I4Fs signature Click4U breakthrough is complemented by i-Click4U, the first water-resistant, single-piece drop-lock flooring installation solution in the world. No extra chemical sprays or sealants are needed because water resistance is included into the installation method. I-Click4U satisfies all NALFA requirements for water resistant flooring and has passed independent institution testing in France, Germany, and the US. With i4F, you are secure.

There are eight different wood-like color tones available in the Hues range. From the dark brown Hues Juniper Hickory to the sandblasted Hues Honey Hickory, there is vinyl flooring for any colour palette. The lighter and more traditional Hues Harbour Hickory is perfect if your house has dark walls and mid-century contemporary furnishings. A darker Hues Apricot Oak shade of brown will look great with traditional, lighter-toned walls and furniture.
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