Beauflor Hydrana

Beauflor Hydrana
The Beauflor Hydrana collection is made for what happens on floors. The Hydrana collection is made with the everyday in mind. That is why these floors provide superior durability and are able to remain as beautiful as the day they are installed for years to come. Whether you are worried about stains, spills, kids, or pets, these floors can handle it all. This stunning collection provides beautiful, realistic non wood flooring designs that add a contemporary feel to any space.

Water spills are nothing to worry about with the superior water resistance that these floors have. There is even a 72 hour topical water warranty. Every floor in this collection is scratch resistant so you don’t have to worry about your floor being damaged. These floors are both pet and kid friendly making them ideal for a busy family. In terms of cleaning, the collection contains flooring that is easy to clean and stain resistant.

Planks in the collection come with a 14 mm overall thickness and a four sided painted bevel. Each plank is 7.48” x 50.71”. For a floor that feels as if it is real hardwood flooring, each plank has an embossed in register real wood texture. The planks come with an attached pad that provides improved comfort and noise reduction.

When it comes to installation, the Hydrana collection can be installed using the Valinge 5G superior locking system. Using the locking system for installation makes the floors fast and easy to install. The flooring can be installed at all levels.

The collection comes with a Lifetime residential warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty.

The Hydrana Collection

Texas Brown is one of the darkest flooring options in the collection. A blend of light browns, ashy greys, and brown knots, the floor is both rustic and bold at the same time. This floor is perfect for adding an aged, charming appearance to a space. Gyant Dark Brown is a light, soothing, mid-tone brown floor that is a perfect neutral flooring option for a space. Gyant Light Natural is a light beige floor that adds a calm and soothing feel to a space. The floor blend together tones of beige and grey with knots throughout it. Gyant Natural is a warm, honey brown floor that adds an inviting feeling in a space. This floor is a perfect neutral backdrop for a range of spaces and interior design styles.

In terms of grey flooring options, this collection has a lot to offer. Canyon Light Grey is one of the lightest floors in the collection. The floor is a blend of both light, ashy grey tones with mid-tone grey accents throughout. This floor has a very contemporary appearance to it and is perfect for a more elegant and modern space. The other grey toned floors in this collection have a deeper tone to them. Gyant Light Grey is a mid-tone grey/brown floor that has an overall darker appearance. The floor is a nice neutral tone for a space while adding a slight boldness to any area. Canyon Grey is a mid-tone grey floor that is a blend of ashy greys and mid-tone grey knots. The floor is a sleek and adds a calm feel to a space. Gyant Grey is a deep grey floor that combines a variety of tones for a bold and complex floor. This floor is perfect for adding a more elegant and contemporary appearance to a space.

The Beauflor collection is absolutely stunning. If you see something that you would love for your space, then give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Beauflor collection in general. To see more collections from Beauflor, check them out here.

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