Beauflor Hydrana

Beauflor Hydrana

About Beauflor Hydrana

The Beauflor Hydrana laminate collection is made with everyday life in mind making it the perfect flooring for households with active children and pets while still retaining its beauty and on trend style. You might say it is made for what happens to floors. Whether you are worried about stains, spills, kids, or pets, having these floors can handle it all. We all have a story for why we need a superior, water resistant floor with incredible durability and beauty that lasts. From accidental spills and drops to pet claws, you need a floor that can handle whatever life throws at it and stay looking as beautiful as the day you installed it. This stunning collection provides beautiful, realistic designs that add a contemporary feel to any space.

Water Resistance Water spills or leaks on wood flooring have always been a horror story until now. The collection is a water resistant laminate with a high quality seal locking out water for up to 72 hours through its use of their Välinge 5G locking system.

Hydrana is Tough and Beautiful and also provides superior durability, Every floor in this collection is scratch resistant so you don't have to worry about your floor being damaged. In fact this product was tested for durability and given a remarkable AC5 wear rating, which is the highest level of durability classification for a laminate product. Which makes it a great flooring choice for both the test of family with children and pets or commercial use while still looking beautiful. In terms of cleaning, the collection is easy to clean and stain resistant which is a major plus for either.

The collections planks come with a 14 mm overall thickness and a four sided painted bevel. Each plank is 7.48 x 50.71 (or seven and half inches by fifty inches). For flooring that feels as if it is real hardwood flooring, each plank has an embossed real wood texture. The flooring also comes attached with a 2mm pad that provides improved comfort and noise reduction. which eliminates the need to purchase any additional underlayment and provides improved underfoot comfort and noise reduction, as well as helps to smooth over small imperfections on the existing floor or substrate.

When it comes to installation, the Hydrana is the easiest and most straightforward DIY option available due to the flange longing system (the Välinge 5G superior locking system) which is considered the easiest and fastest to work with to install. The flooring can be installed at all levels. With a Color Collection Which Brings Natural to the Fore This series comes in 12 distinct shades or colors.

In shades of brown it moves from deep Gyant Dark Brown through to Texas brown A blend of light browns, ashy greys, and brown knots, the floor is both rustic and bold at the same time. Barn Wood which offers a weathered textural grey brown and to the deep brown/ black of Café Noir. In terms of grey flooring options, this collection has a lot to offer.

Canyon Light Grey is one of the lightest floors the collection. The floor is a blend of both light, ashy grey tones with mid-tone grey accents throughout. This floor has a very contemporary appearance to it and is perfect for a more elegant and modern space. The other grey toned floors in this collection have a deeper tone to them. Gyant Light Grey is a mid-tone grey/brown floor that has an overall darker appearance. The floor is a nice neutral tone for a space while adding a slight boldness to any area. Canyon Grey is a mid-tone grey floor that is a blend of ashy greys and mid-tone grey knots. The floor is a sleek and adds a calm feel to a space. Gyant Grey is a deep grey floor that combines a variety of tones for a bold and complex floor. This floor is perfect for adding a more elegant and contemporary appearance to a space.

The collection comes with a Lifetime residential warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty. Lastly this is a safe and eco-friendly flooring product and complies with both CARB Phase II and TSCA Title VI emission standards which allows you to know you are treating your family or customers well while still doing your best to look after the environment
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