Beauflor Curio

Beauflor Curio
Aside from the beautiful elm aesthetic, the Beauflor Curio series features a variety of benefits. One of them is the Emboss in Register (EIR). An embossing, or stamping, method that produces texture on a non-natural material, such as vinyl, closely matches the design image pattern. This approach provides natural wood or stones most genuine appearance and texture. With the I4F click locking installation, the cost of installation is relatively low. You save money on labour since you can install the I4F click locking system yourself. Needless to say, it is a viable alternative to costly wood flooring.

Beauflors vibrant Curio collection is bright and appealing, with greater durability and gorgeous wood grain components in an SPC framework. Our traditional pine design provides subtle drama, a modern color palette, and minor variances between planks, while minimalist elm designs offer clean lines and delicate color-play between boards. Elm variations with increased durability and simple patterns provide clean lines and modest colour contrast between boards. The classic wood design adds a touch of sophistication to the 1mm connected pad and 20 mil wear layers, which is coupled with a modern color palette and subtle variances across boards.

As previously stated, one of the many benefits of the Beauflor Curio collection is that it is available in Emboss In Register vinyl flooring. E.I.R (Embossed in Register) is a technique for synchronizing the texture of the flooring with the underlying design, giving it a more realistic and authentic appearance. The precise alignment of the embossing with the design elevates the flooring from a strictly functional component to a stand-alone show piece. The EIR process imparts a smooth and realistic look to the flooring, as if it were carved from a single piece of stone or molded from a solid piece of hardwood. The embossing gives the flooring depth and richness, bringing it to life. Natural wood textures reduce the need for a space where beauty is sacrificed for functionality. While designing your house, you are free to create a harmonic interplay between the flooring and the surrounding decor, resulting in a functional and visually appealing atmosphere.

Another notable advantage of the Beauflor Curio series is the ease of installation. The I4F locking mechanism is used by Curio, which touts itself as the worlds easiest and best flooring installation system. Drop-lock flooring installation procedures from i4F are up to 30 faster faster to install than typical angle systems since no inserts or special equipment are required. I4Fs solutions have a very high locking strength and may be used with any flooring material or design. And i4F has you covered when it comes to the danger of water damage. The worlds first water-resistant, one-piece, drop-lock flooring installation solution, i-Click4U, has joined i4Fs trademark Click4U innovation. Water resistance is built into the installation procedure, so no additional chemical sprays or sealants are required. I-Click4U has been tested by independent institutions in France, Germany, and the United States, and it exceeds all NALFA water resistant flooring specifications. Youre in excellent hands with i4F.

Yet another amazing benefit of ERI flooring is its realistic look. Because of the perfect alignment of texture and pattern, E.I.R flooring gives the appearance of real hardwood or stone, making it an enticing choice for homeowners seeking a natural look without the maintenance of real wood or stone. ERI flooring is more adaptable as well. Because of its realistic appearance, E.I.R flooring may be used in a variety of interior design styles, including modern, classic, and rustic. ERI flooring is also very durable: E.I.R flooring is a long-lasting and sturdy option that is ideal for high-traffic areas such as entranceways and corridors. Finally, ERI flooring is resistant to water. Water-resistant E.I.R flooring is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and other damp areas.

The Curio line offers a selection of twelve different wood-like color tones. There is vinyl flooring for every color scheme, ranging from the sandblasted Beauflor Curio Revel Elm to the deep brown Beauflor Curio Salem Elm. The lighter and more conventional Beauflor Curio Cove Pine is perfect if your home has dark walls and modern furnishings from the mid-century era. With conventional and lighter toned walls and furnishings, a deeper Beauflor Curio Cypress Pine shade of brown will fit in well.
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