HF Design Montage Baroque

HF Design Montage Baroque
The HF Design Hardwood Baroque Collection offers us everything we could strive to possess when selecting our hardwood floors: Durability, beauty and urbanity. Modernity can be presented in many ways, and this surface compilation is definitely one of them. If youíre currently looking for a timeless trend that will be able to provide you and its future users with constant elegance and flexibility for change and invention, then this is definitely a series youíre going to want to take a closer look at.

First of all, because an exquisitely gorgeous color palette is what defines any line of flooring, letís talk color; and by color we mean pure beauty and class. Apparently, this compilation has given us the tools to make everything around us beautiful, and through such unique and sophisticated hue selections, we know that a transformation is about to occur.

Starting with Montage Baroque Forli, this dark mustard brown is completely capable of achieving the highest standards in any trend, theme and style. The darker shades of mocha and the touches of desert camel found on these planks are currently revolutionizing interiors for any commercial and residential purposes out there. Followed by this last option is Lazio, which neutralizes these lively brown tonalities by bringing them down to a subtle marsh brown, combined with other smoky greys and soft satin. And talking about making a powerful design statement, Montage Baroque Marche also includes those autumn bronze tonalities that we love, as well as contrasting saddle brown details able to outline a spectrum of the most exclusive visuals for inventive consumers. If you still canít get enough of that golden oak tints, then Palma a scale from a darker tumeric brown, to an irresistible maple sugar we know youíll enjoy. Finally, in an attempt to make contemporary even more so, Russo shows us the next trendiest floor selection through a log cabin brown and a dark espresso background making the rest of your color scheme pop out with sophistication and class.

Now you know that these 72-inch long and 7-Ĺ-inch wide oil finished hardwood planks can easily provide your interiors with an exclusive and enviable look youíll adore. When having the options of resistance, quality and aesthetics, choose all of the above. Choose Montage Baroque.
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