Atlas Concorde Marvel Edge

Atlas Concorde Marvel Edge

Inspired by renowned marbles, the Marvel Edge series transforms any space into a unique work of art. These marble-look porcelain tiles will create a harmonious environment that makes homeowners feel as though they are living on a stage, and doing it flawlessly. The Marvel Edge series makes an area have a luxurious essence, complete with vibrant light reflection. There are four striking colors from this collection, each one creating a special atmosphere.


Although this flooring looks like delicate marble, it is actually designed with porcelain tiles, making them much more durable and long-lasting. You need not worry about furniture scratches ruining your stunning Marvel Edge floors, as these tiles were made to resist possible imperfections. When it comes to upkeep, tile is a breeze to maintain due to wet mopping.

Colors and Styles

There are four distinct colors from this collection, each one captivating and lavish in their own way. The Imperial White option has a creamy blend of pale blonde hues, making for a pure spirit. This color will present itself as classic, and modern at the same time.

Another brilliant tone is the Royal Calacatta. The stunning design lives up to its royalty inspired name. From the ivory and velvety base color, to the hazel toned engravings, these porcelain tiles have it all.

If you are interested in flooring that is more intense, check out the Absolute Brown option. These tiles’ colors resemble a dark chocolate candy bar, perfect for those craving a rich and exquisite interior design.

The final color option is the Elegant Sable. These porcelain tiles are dressed in a beautiful and understated beige hue. The hazel etchings are tasteful and delicate in nature. If you are looking to decorate your area with flooring that is graceful and sandy, this option should be at the top of your list. All of the colors in the Marvel Edge series are perfected by either matte, or polished finishes.

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