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Armstrong Pryzm WPC flooring is one of the latest collections to hit the luxury vinyl market, an extremely popular choice with homeowners and designers alike who want the authentic look of hardwood in the form of a durable waterproof surface. In addition to its popularity in residential construction, Pryzm comes equipped with commercial-grade protection against scratches, dents, and fading, which makes it an excellent option for small businesses with moderate foot traffic. Thanks to Pryzm's wood-plastic composite (WPC) core, these vinyl planks are 100 percent waterproof so you can bring stunning wood looks to areas where real hardwood isn't ideal, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and rooms that sit below grade. Like many other WPC vinyl products, this Armstrong collection comes with an additional cork backing, which creates a softer feel underfoot and is particularly useful when sound dampening is needed. Pryzm planks lock together, eliminating the need for messy adhesives. Because of this locking technology, Armstrong Pryzm flooring can be floated over an existing floor or placed atop a slightly uneven sub-floor without causing any visual or structural problems. These attributes make it appealing for DIY installs.

Wood Colors and Specifications

Available in 17 different styles, Armstrong Pryzm flooring can fit virtually any type of home dcor, ranging from the modern to the classic traditional. Elements of Heritage is quite a popular choice, since its high color variation between planks and availability in multi-width dimensions (4.3", 5.6", 7") provide visuals reminiscent of vintage reclaimed hardwood directly taken from old-style, solid time-tested construction. The alternating charcoals, light browns, and greys can really breathe life into any room where it is installed. All the other color shades are available in 5", 5.7", and 6.6" widths with a 47.6" plank length. Another great option for reclaimed looks is the Salvaged Plank color option. Replicating antiquated birch, the stark white finish matches well with antique furnishings and draws natural light in with ease. For subtler visuals, consider Brushed Oak, available in Brown, Grey, and Tan. Maritime Weathered Grey is a perfect match for the inner seafarer in all of us, with its off-white tones and weather-worn beige's that will temporarily transplant you to the sandy beaches of the Mid Atlantic. Gray's Beach is similar in style, accurately replicating the look of driftwood that just happened to wash up on the shore. Forest Treasure comes in white, grey, and brown. No matter which trim you choose, Forest Treasure showcases the natural grain patterns and streaking of classic oak. The deep amber reddish mahogany tones of Treeline Hickory work well in spaces that require a more secluded feel, such as dens, home offices, and bedrooms. The piercing Waterfront option is a sharp bluish grey that miraculously works equally well in rustic and modern interior motifs.


Don't forget to choose a coordinated trim for your flooring project; Armstrong Pryzm offers a multi-purpose trim, flush stair nose, overlap stair nose, and end cap. Armstrong also makes available cleaning products for its laminate and hardwood floors; as Pryzm is 100 percent resistant to water and spills, the offered cleaning system kit and laminate floor cleaner can be used on these luxury vinyl WPC planks without worry. Armstrong Pryzm is built to last many years, with a lifetime limited residential warranty and a 15-year limited commercial warranty to back it up.

Similar Aesthetics

In keeping up with shabby-chic design trends, Pryzm takes much of its influence from two other Armstrong collections worth mentioning. The Architectural Remnants laminate collection possesses the same antiqued, weather-worn hardwood looks in 18 different styles and slightly wider 8" x 48" dimensions. For those who simply can't pass up the allure of real bona fide hardwood, we recommend looking at the Armstrong Woodland Relics flooring collection. High color variation between planks and rustic, reclaimed-style embossing make these hickory, birch, and oak floors an excellent choice for homes that unapologetically embrace traditional style. Don't be afraid to mix and match the multi-width plank sizes and the colors for maximum visual variation.

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