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Armstrong Natural Creations Mystix

Armstrong Natural Creations Mystix
The Armstrong’s Natural Creations Mystix commercial vinyl collection offers contemporary vinyl floors that are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of high traffic commercial areas. The collection is inspired by the natural beauty of wood and the colors and organic variations of stone. The flooring also resembles the appearance of woven textiles.

Each floor is durable and resilient, with a guarantee from Armstrong, one of the top manufacturers in quality vinyl flooring.

The Collection

The Natural Creations Mystix collection offers a range of different flooring options. From light tones, to dark, dramatic options, this commercial collection offers a lot to choose from.

Mystix Jet Gray Beige and Mystix Plank Sideline Gray Beige offer similar color options. The Mystix Plank Sideline Gray Beige is a blend of grey beige tones are blended with pops of blueish grey. The pop of color gives this otherwise neutral floor some character. Mystix Jet Gray Beige has a similar overall color palette to it. However, it has a slightly lighter overall tone to it with its light blue tones.

Mystix Aria Natural and Mystix Jet Natural are both neutral flooring options. The two floors are both lighter brown flooring options that blend well into a variety of interior design styles.

For some grey flooring options there is Mystix Aria Gray Beige and Mystix Stream Gray Beige. Both flooring options are a light grey that have a more contemporary appearance.

The two darkest flooring options in the collection are Mystix Aria Charcoal and Mystix Jet Charcoal. These two flooring choices are both a dark charcoal. Mystix Jet Charcoal is blended together with light greys and light charcoal.

Plank Bamboo Night is a sexy, velvet red tone that imitates the look of dyed bamboo flooring; we love these 6” x36” planks in the living room, for a romantic atmosphere. Chroma Stone Sol Yellow is a 16” x16” vinyl tile with bright, egg-yolk tones ideal for the kids’ playroom, and Chroma Stone Taupe looks best in the sitting room, with its sophisticated, cloudy gray tones. Burl Wood Walnut is a fascinating pattern in soft browns that imitates the look of natural wood cut from rounded tree growths, resulting in naturalistic swirls of exciting grain patterns.

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