Armstrong Empower

Armstrong Empower
Vinyl flooring is not only affordable, but itís also extremely comfortable under the foot. The construction of vinyl floors also makes for quieter footsteps. This type of flooring will be durable (even somewhere with heavy foot traffic) and itís simple to install and maintain. Vinyl floors call for the float method, which is great for those looking to install floors themselves! Float was designed to be mess-free and easy! The Armstrong Empower vinyl collection is no exception to all of these amazing qualities! This stunning collection offers twelve colors and styles to choose from, ranging from delicate lighter colors to more intense darker hues. There is a perfect match for every single home in this series! Read on to learn more about the colors in this collection, and what makes them so special.

Colors and Styles

This collection offers many beautiful gray and silver options. One of the most popular gray colors is the Inari Lodge Baltic Blue. (Wow, that was a mouthful!) These floors are extremely unique, as they are a dynamic blend of lighter and darker gray hues, as well as subtle blue detailing too! This is an option that is perfect for anyone to spice up their life and have their home appear striking and extraordinary. Another amazing gray style is the Scandia Oak Nordic Dew option. Unlike the previous choice, these floors are blended and have a beautiful silver tone throughout. There are also some cream undertones in the design too. Are you more interested in just a standard middle gray option? Well, the Armstrong Empower collection has those too! The Scandia Oak Tundra Gray color is exactly what you might be looking for! The combination of intense, darker charcoals with the subtle lighter grays make for a beautiful, timeless appearance.

Although there are some beautiful grays in this series, we get it if those arenít your style! Donít worry, there are also plenty of classic brown tones to choose from as well. One of the most popular brown options is the Viking Hickory Flaxen Field color. These planks offer lots of warmth, from the chestnut hues to the darker chocolate brown touches. You simply canít go wrong with these! If you are interested in a brown style, but want something on the darker side, be sure to check out the Norden Oak Oslo Brown color. This flooring exudes the feeling of timelessness, due to its rich hazelnut color that will never go out of style.

None of those seem to be a good fit? Just keep reading! The Scandia Oak Midsummer Sun color is another amazing choice for any (and every) home! This flooring is the lightest option from the series, so it really stands alone. These planks offer a beautiful blend of cream and blonde hues. This is a great option for anyone looking to make their homeís ambience feel more delicate, airy, and innocent. In total contrast, the darkest option is called Scandis Oak Reindeer Brown, and itís striking! This choice is amazing for anyone who wants their interior design to make a bold statement, and really steal the show. Trust us, this colorís beautiful, intense chocolate brown, paired with charcoal will do just that!

No matter which color or style you decide with, know that it will make your home absolutely breathtaking! The Armstrong Empower collection floors come with the full manufacturerís warranty, even when you purchase from us! If you have any questions about this stunning and long lasting flooring collection, please call us, we are happy to help.

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