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Armstrong Alterna

Armstrong Alterna

The Armstrong Alterna series of vinyl flooring is designed to precisely capture the look of natural stone. Since it is created with exclusive manufacturing technology, no two vinyl tiles are identical just like how no two natural stones are identical.

This durable, long lasting flooring solution is available in a variety of beautiful colors including stunning hues such as the Armstrong Alterna Durango Deep Gold, an attractive golden tone achieved by mixing the colors of beige and gold, mingled with grey and golden flecks within the stone. Then theres Mesa Stone Canyon Sun captures the appearance of natural slate with a stunning mixture of grey and tan shades creating a beautiful rendition of art like only Mother Nature could create. There are also contemporary colors such as Mesa Stone Charcoal which is a dark and rich monochromatic grey color with splotching and veining swirling about on the grey background, giving the vinyl the appearance of realistic stone. This includes Betcha Black, which is purely black in appearance. Upon close inspection you can see dark grey veining but the real highlight of the vinyl is the strong, deep black color that it is. On the flip side, there is the La Plata Crme Fresh which is interpreted as white stone similar to marble with beige staining and veining. These are only a few examples of what this collection holds youd be surprised with what youd find within such a large collection.

The larger 16 x 16 size formats vinyl tiles of the Armstrong Alterna collection offer a gorgeous complement to any dcor, creating a look of natural beauty and sophistication. There is also the smaller 12x12 size format of vinyl available for those that have smaller project needs and spaces. But if you need smaller than 12x12, there is also an 8x8 option available, great for countertops and bathrooms. With such a contemporary collection, it would be crazy to think there wouldnt be any contemporary sizes! Within the collection is the large 12x24 contemporary format for those larger projects that need contemporary sized vinyl pieces. If you need a smaller size of contemporary vinyl, there is also the smaller 8x16 format to suit your project needs. No matter your needs or vision, this stunning collection of vinyl tile flooring is an excellent way to provide the look of natural stone for any space, and is a flooring solution that will last for years to come.

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