Anderson Natural Timbers

Anderson Natural Timbers

The Anderson Natural Timbers collection lets these white oak carved planks authentic grains and knots be the center of attention. There are eight gorgeous tones that complete this collection. Unlike most flooring, there are actually two different textures to choose from, a smooth open grain and a bandsaw cut. Because this wood has unique textures, it gives the planks even more personality, and additional customizing control for the buyer.


If you are looking to fill your space with something reliable, that can handle everything from kids to pets, consider the Natural Timbers collection. The planks are 8.66 wide, and a half inch thick, so you and your family members can enjoy your flooring without constantly worrying about scratching and scuffing.

Colors and Styles

Willow Bandsaw has creamy, latte colored planks, and is one of the lightest options in the collection. This tone is going to brighten up any room, complete with its refreshing natural knots and grains blended throughout.

Woodland Bandsaw looks like it belongs in a modern cabin tucked within the woods. These planks are a classic, chestnut shade that instantly makes a space look effortless and warm.

The Grove Bandsaw is perfect for someone looking for the best of both worlds. This choice blends lighter and darker tones to create striking planks. There are pops of color from randomly placed vanilla stains, that make for a natural contrast to the darker shades.

Orchard Bandsaw sports a natural, beige and hazel color. This is a simple choice, that will go well with a variety of homes and their furnishings. Hazel is a go-to tone for a reason!

Thicket Bandsaw, one of the only choices in the collection with a red undertone, sets it apart from the rest. If you like a cherry shine, then consider Thicket Bandsaw. Its still understated, and shows off the authentic, untouched grains.


This collection gives all the power to the buyer, from color to texture to installation. The Natural Timbers planks can be installed using a variety of methods, including nail down, staple, glue, and float.


The Kensington collection comes with the Full Manufacturer's warranty.

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