Anatolia Vintage Wood

Anatolia Vintage Wood

Remember the time when you used to spend all your time in that treehouse? As a kid, you created many precious memories there with your friends and alone. Growing up doesn’t mean that you cannot have that amazing treehouse experience. Make your own “adult” treehouse with the Anatolia Vintage Wood High Definition Porcelain Tiles. Transform just your room or the whole house, the natural wood-look appearance of the tiles will take you down the memory lane.

You don’t have to worry about hampering the entire color scheme of your house as the tiles offer a beautiful range of colors to choose from so that you can have the best experience. Inspired by the color of natural wood, the tiles come in five shades of Dune, Saddle, Cinnamon, Ash, and Carbon. The tiles in this beautiful selection of colors and the subtle texture appear like real wood and give you the feeling of being closer to nature. The tiles only vary slightly from each other with a V2 shade variation.

Available in two sizes of 6” x 24” and 6” x 36”, the tiles have a scratch hardness of 8 Mohs. Unlike real wood, these porcelain tiles are impervious to water with a water absorption rate of 0.5% and do not chip, peel or warp. The class-A chemical resistance and wear rating of 3-4 ensure that the tiles will last long. These tiles can tolerate light to moderate pedestrian traffic, and is ideal for residential applications. Resistant to stains, these tiles can be easily cleaned and maintained.

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