Anatolia Amaya Wood

Anatolia Amaya Wood
The Anatolia Amaya Wood HD porcelain tile collection is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. If you’re looking for something different, something hardwood but actually durable, this collection is for you. The tile collection is dressed as a very artistic wood collection. Taking its own creative direction, this tile selection blends all sorts of woods together to create a unique “hardwood” design.

Rather than hues, this porcelain tile collection features the use of color palettes as each color styling is an amalgamation of various types of woods. There are 5 types of color palettes offered in this selection, primarily brown in color, such as with Anatolia Amaya Wood Natural. This particular color palette features varying shades of brown such as tans, beiges, and typical brown colors. This palette features the least grey but it is not totally absent as there are hints of grey on some planks. Walnut is composed of warm, rich browns with tans and dark browns. Grey enters the scene, graining and staining some planks, steadily taking over the wooden design. Tobacco is another hue of rich browns, featuring typical browns and dark browns with only hints of tan in the mix. Grey is becoming a more dominant color in appearance. Blend is a light blend of light browns and greys mixing together and claiming individual planks as their own. Ash comes in as the monochromatic hue as a mixture of varying shades of grey with hints of dark grey here and there within the palette. There is no trace of brown like there is with the previous 4 colors offered in this collection. Nevertheless, each of the 5 color palettes offers something unique with bold designs that makes each plank stand out on its own.

As for sizes, the Anatolia Amaya Wood HD porcelain tile selection comes in two contemporary formats: the larger 6”x36” format for those that like larger pieces of tile and the 6”x24” for those that enjoy a smaller format that is still large enough to really show off the uniqueness of their flooring.
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