Amtico Spacia Stone

Amtico Spacia Stone

The Amtico Spacia Stone is a collection of fashionable vinyl floors that are produced with eco-friendly processes for a healthy planet. Natural stone is a beautiful flooring solution, with a style and class that comes directly from the earth, but when mountains are being blasted to provide your home with authentic stone, can you really enjoy its soothing appearance? With this luxury vinyl collection, now you can.

These tiles offer realistic graphics that recreate the look of all your favorite stone varieties such as slate, marble, sandstone, limestone, and travertine. Pick one style for a classic look, or get creative with a unique pattern of two or three styles combined. With over 30 styles and two sizes to choose from, you can fulfill your design dreams without destroying the planet.

Did we mention there are 30 styles to choose from? With over 30 colors and styles, your options are limitless in suiting your project needs and personal taste. There is the Amtico Spacia Stone Bias Travertine Oyster style which is a rich beige tinted with grey, splotched by grey in various patterns and designs to give each tile a unique look. There is Ceramic Coal, which is a hue that is pretty much pure charcoal black. If you look close at the color, you will find very dark grey speckling but overall youre going to see black and only black. Bottocino Cream is a beautiful beige color akin to coffee diluted by coffee creamer. There is a random veining sequence with dark beige hues, thus making the stone look similar to that of marble. Desert Sanstone takes on a faded gold color with light and dark streaks akin to trees.

Limestone Cool is a great ivory shade with darker ivory tones swirling throughout the piece, making a beautiful design. Liner Stone Shale takes on the look of a heather grey shale streaked with darker tones here and there. Ocean Travertine is a rich grey color with blue-grey and beige speckling, rendering a very creative look. These are just a few of the vinyl colors available to you to choose from and as you can see, each color and style is different, lending themselves to different tastes and project needs.

The Amtico Spacia Stone is a selection of fashionable vinyl floors measures in at two different sizes. There is the large 18x18 format, reminiscent of traditional tile shape and size and the 12x18 tile-esque format for those that enjoy a more contemporary look and are creating a contemporary space.

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