American Olean Waterwood

American Olean Waterwood

The American Olean Waterwood is not like your typical wood-look tile collection. With an aged appearance that was inspired by the beautiful wood pillars that line the waterways in Venice, American Olean has captured the beautiful look of weathered wood in a durable porcelain format. This tile series is available in 8 x 40 planks, as well as 1.5 hexagon mosaics for maximum customization and a unique look thats not afraid to stand out among the common looks.

The Collection

Each piece of the American Olean Waterwood collection appears as if it has a tale to tell as old as the city that inspired the look. The stoicism of the wood look is appropriately combined with the durability and reliability of porcelain tile. Perfect for anything from a unique look for a childs room to a distinctive basement bar top, the Waterwood collection can be used to make a personal room feel cozy or a professional setting standout to anyone that walks in. American Olean uses unique imaging technology to create the perfect aged wood looks in a variety of colors and shades.

White Oak is a marbled, snowy look that is crisp and clean. The light grey of the faded wood grain mixes into the background of the milky coloration, appearing like a long forgotten and windswept plank of wood on the side of an old lighthouse.

The Weathered Oak looks like wood that was flown directly to your project from the waterways of Venice. Its a stunning shade of grey with a dark woodgrain that draws the eye in and holds it there, as if its just waiting to start telling its story.

Natural Oak shares the weathered look with the rest of this series, but subtle colorations in the wood grain make this look pop. There are natural hues of grey as well as subtle yellows, greens and blues, emanating life and possibility.

Classic Oak is the quintessential oak look for any setting, a middling brown with a fine dark wood grain. Hints of cherry and gold play across this wood face, giving it a hint of whimsy.

The customization options of the American Olean Waterwood series are extensive! Not only do you have multiple classic and clean wood looks available in porcelain planks, but you can also accent any floor or wall in a room with the ceramic mosaic tile. These sheets of 1.5 mosaic tiles reinvent the coloration patterns of the looks above, rearranging each color and hue into a majestic arrangement. Mix and match size, color and texture to beautify any space.

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