American Olean Mirasol

American Olean Mirasol
American Olean Mirasol Porcelain Tile flooring is an elegant tile floor option if you're looking for a porcelain floor that captures the classic beauty of natural marble without the usual cost of natural marble. American Olean Mirasol is the ideal option for those who desire the beauty and elegance of marble in combination with the durability and easy maintenance.

American Olean Mirasol has a generous array of sizes to choose from, and you can easily customize the perfect marble look for your home, or business. Oft-desired 24" x 24" floor tiles make for an impressive entryway, while 12" x 24" tiles add depth to any room, and your standard 12" x 12" pieces work perfectly in smaller spaces like kitchens and dining areas. Mirasol porcelain tile's 2" x 4" mosaics are ideal for surrounds, backsplashes and accent walls, while 12" x 24" wall tiles add a contemporary touch, along with their more modest-sized 10" x 14" wall tiles. The floor tiles have a soft matte finish, while the corresponding wall tiles have a glossy finish. You can complete the look with accessories with two size options for the bullnose.

Mirasol Bianco Carrara ML70, a soft, glowing white is one of three gorgeous shades in the Mirasol color palette. Crema Laila ML71 is brighter option with a yellowish tan hue and in true Mirasol elegance, Silver Marble ML72.

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