American Olean Danya

American Olean Danya
American Olean Danya Porcelain Tile flooring � rich in color and visual appeal � is a collection about the essence of movement. With a bold stone visual concept and soft striations, the Danya collection boasts a beautiful look evocative of historical riverbeds. In comparison to a traditional stone look, the Danya floor tile series gives a modern update and is ideal for the person with discriminating taste. But with all its attractive design, this collection gives a performance worthy of any commercial or residential space.

American Olean Danya comes in four colors with coordinating floor, wall and mosaic tiles. With both standard sizes of 18x18 and 12x12, Danya is also made in a rectangular 12x24 floor piece. Wall tiles are made in 10x14 and mosaics come in a popular 3x3 size. Accessorize beautifully with floor, wall and mosaic bullnose pieces. With wonderful Reveal Imaging Technology, artistic influences are present in each color option to achieve the ultimate in high-style upon installation. Stream DY01 is light and bright, showcasing an ivory base with emphasis focused on muted dark, blue-grey and copper hued striations. Cove DY02 is reminiscent of antiquated coastal environments, capturing the beauty of seaside cliffs and seashells. Beige and cream combine to create a base that allows muted copper and brown tones to blend effortlessly with blue-grey striations.

Riverbed DY03 presents dramatic colors that accentuate the flowing look of primal streams; glowing in shades of brown with striking notes of cream and ivory strata blends. Lending the most contemporary appearance in the American Olean Danya Tile flooring, Basin DY04 features metallic-toned marble visuals in silver, grey and cream along with bold, rust-colored striations.

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