American Olean Ascend

American Olean Ascend
The American Olean Ascend collection presents us with elegance at its best. Its contemporary style and neutral color palette makes this series a stunning porcelain tile selection, capable of adding sophistication to all of your commercial and residential surroundings. Introducing sophisticated consumers like yourself to modern glamour, this fashion-forward compilation offers unique sizes and tile shapes to personalize your home with class and beauty.

As it was previously mentioned, the collection offers a gorgeous color palette consisting of your favorite neutral tonalities to decorate your home and office: Their subtle cool white Candid Heather, which is the lightest of the colors gives an almost white charm. The to the warmth of their earth-toned Gray Virtue, which is a subtle play on the gray tones throughout the tile. Then there is their lightest cream hue that doesn't go overboard on the yellows being Honest Gregie. Last but not least is the incredibly contemporary mix of grays, white and beige portrayed by Open Horizon. Appropriately named since decor and fashion are very flexible when considering the color contrasts. Overall are all some of the most fashionable shades in present-time porcelain floor surfaces. Additionally, this series includes an array of rectangularly shaped tiles which will be discussed below which really distinguishes itself from your typical 12x12 and 24x24 tiles. All while leading you and giving the options and opportunities to be as creative and stylish as you please!

As mentioned one of our favorite feature that sets this unique collection apart from all others is both size and finish. For sizes, there is of course a contemporary standard size of 12 x 24, along with more trend-setting dimensions of a plank size featured in both a 8 x 36 and a smaller 6 x 36. Both will give a wood look visual but feature the stone look of this series. Now for finishes, American Olean Ascend has also proposed an either honed which is a more natural finish or polished finish to add a more personalized look to your surfaces
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