Chesapeake Laminate

Chesapeake Laminate
Chesapeak All American Premium is an upgraded version of the traditional All American product line. This line offers a superior laminate collection perfect for any installation at a great value. All American Laminate has the appearance and texture of hardwood, due to EIR (Embossed in Register) technology. Providing the look of a much more expensive products and an agreeable cost. Installation: The Uniclic locking system forms a tight seal between planks to keep out allergens and dirt, which makes is a great option for both residential and commercial spaces. This also makes DIY installation much more straightforward and can save you some money on hiring a crew. Waterproof Warranty 100% Waterproof Offering a full waterproof warranty against any spills and standing water This collection offers an AC4 durability rating for sturdy residential or light commercial use. AC4 rating is the first level specifically intended for commercial usage. AC4 rated laminate is suitable for moderately trafficked commercial spaces such as boutiques, offices, salons, and cafes. Perfect for the busy active household as well. Material Dimensions 7.48" x 47.24" (seven and a half inches wide by 47 seven inches long) Planks 10 mm thickness on the flooring itself plus a 2 mm attached underlayment for a total of 12 mm overall. Milled Bevel Planks which gives a realistic wood look Florescore Certified What does it mean to be FloorScore certified? FloorScore is a voluntary, independent certification program that tests and certifies hard surface flooring and associated products for compliance with criteria adopted in California for indoor air emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with potential health effects. Basically great for your physical health as this supports healthy air quality keeping you, your family and pets healthy and for your mental health as stops it stops your children nagging you about the environment.

CARB Compliant This laminate meets the legislative requirements per impacts the standards of prefinished hardwood floors and laminate floors so that they can legally be sold in the state of California. If a product is CARB compliant, it adheres to California's standards for air quality and contaminants. A plus point for property resale.

Available Colors and Styling The Croft Oak is avilable in five unique colors. The first Light which has a touch of golden warmth in the Oak base with some grey green grain on this. Fawn a little walk on the natural side with alternate light brown and light grey planking accents to highlight. The Natural gives a hedonistic beach vibe, a little bleached with compliments of darker grey in in the wood grain.

For a darker appeal the Croft Oak Rust will warming up nicely with some red tones in the base and darker grey grain lending depth, age and character. Contrasting is the Dark with it's mellowed older wood turns from medium grey brown and some mid gold accenting textured with blue grey grain plus fine brown grey markings.

Northbound Cedar Beachy blonde with warm brown texture to give that almost out near the waves feel which allows for an all-white vibe or to be complimented with vibrant or dark furniture staples.

Malibu Chestnut Malibu is the perfect description and the warm tan striations make you raise your face to find the sun in the morning. Vermont Maple Nice warm light background with a little maple syrup leaking through ‒ a gentle and soft pallet to greet any day.

Platinum Oak Shows as a cool graphite etching on a light grey base, like expensive viking kitchen standards or a wild mink. Slate Rock Walnut displays a perfect rich striations of mid blue grey and verdigris plus copperish hue allowing a stronger pallet on your walls or very pale one. A little edgy or natural would be right at home.

Ironside Pine Aged weathered wood pallet with a plethora of character from the darker and a little warm gold wash and dark tone grains Meanwhile Salt Glazed Oak has beautiful variegated banding ranging from cool white. light grey and darker grey offset by verdigris weathering to make a statement.

Yes the name says it all "All American and Proud to say Made in USA"
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