Mannington Pacaya Mesquite

The Mannington Pacaya Mesquite hardwood series is the epitome of antiqued flooring. This collection takes mesquite and adds a majestic touch to the wood through crafting by hand, bringing out the stunning, beautiful character within the wood, creating a gorgeous, cozy visual.

There are 6 dramatic colors within this series, all inspired by volcanic colors. Pacaya Mesquite Cinder is a deep brown laced with the look of reddish embers through the blending of light and dark browns mixed together, accompanied by charcoal spots staining the wood, giving the wood the illusion of being licked by fire. Lava is a golden color with heavy cracks and scuffs riddled throughout the planks, giving you a bold look with heavy imperfections. Ash is the remnants of ember, creating a smoky grey look. From the ashes comes to life a strong flooring choice that can serve as not only an antiqued flooring option but a contemporary flooring option as well. Obsidian embodies the look of old wood reaching the end of its lifespan with a dark brown appearance mixed with grey. The heavy imperfections indicate that it has seen many aspects of life and gained much wisdom. Unlike old wood, however, Obsidian remains strong, making it an excellent choice for those that enjoy a darker antiqued look. Sediment is a lighter hue composed with charcoal stains and markings flecked about the planks. A light brown tint tarnishes the wood, giving this wood another strong, fiery appearance. Finally you have Pumice, the lightest color of the hardwood collection as a dark, sandy wood with light blemishes in the form of stains and zagging cracks.

The bold Mannington Pacaya Mesquite selection features random width options for you to choose from, such as the strip size of 3
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