Mannington Mercado Oak

Mannington Mercado Oak

The Mannington Mercado Oak collection is made up of two stunning handcrafted Oak hardwood floors. These floors are wire brushed, distressed, and all around handcrafted in order to create flooring options that are some of the highest quality around. When it comes to wood flooring, having floors that have a lot of character to them is key. That's one of the most charming things about wood. The staining techniques used by Mannington gives wood both character and variation. With 7 inch wide planks that are 9/16 inched thick, these floors add substance to a space. Flooring is finished with a matte gloss and scratch resistant technology. When it comes to long lasting wood floors, Mannington's handcrafted engineered hardwood is able to stand the test of time. Installation can be done in a variety of ways. From glue to staple, nail, or float, these floors can be installed in a variety of ways.

The Collection

The Collection Manningtonís Mercado Oak collection comes in two different color options. Linen is a subdued brown floor that is a mix of light and medium-tone browns. With a washed and weathered look to it, this floor gives a space warmth as well as character. Silver is a dusty grey color that also has a lot of character to it. With weathered hints of light grey throughout, this floor looks as if it has been around for many years. However, the light color of the grey gives this floor a modern touch to it. Itís a great fit for any space with either more modern or a more rustic feel to it.

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