Mannington Cider Mill

Mannington Cider Mill

Mannington’s Cider Mill hardwood collection is inspired by the history and uniqueness that is found in an old mill. The hardwood in the Cider Mill collection is engineered by Mannington. There are many benefits to engineered hardwood. Firstly, engineered hardwood is a lot stronger than a single piece of solid wood as engineered wood is made using multiple slats of wood glued together in different directions. This makes engineered wood stronger and resistant to buckling, gapping, cupping, or twisting. Secondly, engineered hardwood flooring can be directly installed on concrete and even walls. The top layer of Mannington’s engineered hardwood is made to provide a uniform color throughout a space. Lastly, engineered hardwood is designed to have a uniformed color throughout the planks while also being resistant to seasonal expansion.

The Collection

Looking for hardwood that is durable, stylish, and sustainable? The Mannington Cider Mill collection is the perfect combination of these three things. Mannington strives to be a more sustainable flooring company. Hardwood is responsibly harvested and all raw material and energy is efficiently used. Engineered hardwood uses half the amount of trees as solid wood floors. Mannington also uses renewable wood for inner piles. No mill goes to waste as the Mannington facility uses it for energy. Mannington also uses a formaldehyde free adhesive system that meets or exceeds indoor air quality standards.

With ScratchResist technology, Mannington hardwood floors stay looking new longer. These floors are resistant to scratches and the everyday wear and tear of a busy household.

For installation, Mannington recommends that you have a professional install your floors for the best long-term performance. Mannington’s Cider Mill collection comes with a 35 year warranty. The Collection The Mannington Cider Mill collection is made up of seven bold and rich hardwood flooring options.

For some beautiful grey hardwood flooring options, look into Char and Steel. Char is a dark grey floor with light grey weathered throughout. This gives the floor a modern, yet rustic feel to a space. Perfect for mixing tradition cabin décor with touches of more modern home décor items. Steelis a lighter grey flooring option. With a blend of medium and light toned greys, this is a flooring option that will open up a space and give it an airy feel.

Mannington Cider Mill Vine is a bold and rich brown flooring option. This is the type of floor that is perfect for a den, home office, and formal living or dining space. With a blend of dark and light browns there is an element of seriousness to this flooring.

The Cider Mill collection is perfect for muted floor tones that still make a statement in a space. The Barrel and Orchard flooring options are similar muted brown-grey floors. With hints of dark and light grey throughout, the Orchard flooring option is the perfect floor to fit any minimal and contemporary space. Barrel is a lighter and warmer version of Orchard.

For some lighter options in this collection, there is Pomace and Pulp. Pulp is a light grey flooring option with a weathered look throughout. This adds character to an otherwise clean and minimalistic floor. Pomace is a warm brown option with hints of washed out and weathered light brown wood.

Want to see more Mannington collections? Check out the Mercado Oak and Pacaya Mesquite collections.

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