Trucor Prime / XL-XXL

Trucor Prime / XL-XXL

TruCor Prime is a vinyl flooring collection that captures the beauty of hardwood flooring while providing the durability to withstand the day to day wear and tear of modern life. With this collection you won�t have to compromise the beauty of hardwood for a more durable floor. With TruCor Prime vinyl you get the best of both worlds.

The Collection

TruCor floors come with TruWear Advance Performance Finish. This high tech advanced performance finish is exceptional at resisting scratches, spills, and accidents in order to prevent stains. Each plank has a transparent commercial grade clear vinyl wear layer over it. This provides the vinyl with a layer of protection. Therefore, your floors are able to look good for years to come.

The installation process for TruCor Prime floors is fast and easy. The attached underlayment of the floors also warmth and comfort when walking on the planks. Due to the premium cork attachment underlayment the floors are relatively quiet and acoustics don�t travel as far.

The TruCor Prime collection comes in three different sizes. While most collections only offer planks in one size, TruCor is able to provide a variety of options. The collection comes in plank sizes of 5� x 60�, 7� x 60�, and 9� x 60�. With twenty-five color options to choose from, this collection offers a variety of styles to choose from. No matter what type of home d�cor style you have there is sure to be a flooring option that will fit with your space. Big Sky is a flooring option that is unique. With a blend of light and dark browns, grey, and cherry browns, this floor will make a statement in your space. The Big Sky pairs will with a more rustic home d�cor style. Cape Cod is a beautiful grey flooring option. With a blend of light and dark greys that contrast one another, this type of flooring option makes a bold statement in your space and gives any room a modern feel to it. Black Hills is another dark flooring option. A back floor mixed with hints of light greys, this is a bold flooring option. La Jolla is another unique option in this collection when it comes to grey flooring. With bold and bright greys blended with darker tones of grey, this is a floor that offers a space a woodsy feeling to it.

For even more variety in sizes, consider the TruCor Prime XL collection. The XL collection is available in 7� x 72� and 9� x 72� formats. This sizing of planks creates a room that is truly stunning. This collection comes in a range of ten different colors. For medium brown flooring options consider the Alabaster Oak, Burnt Oak, and Terra Oak. The Alabaster Oak is a blend of light and medium-tone browns. The Terra Oak offers a medium to light toned brown that is mostly one tone across the board. For a darker brown consider Burnt Oak. Char Oak is a unique color option in this collection. With tones of grey ranging from dark to light, this is a blended flooring option that makes a statement. For a brighter version of Char Oak, consider Clay Oak. This collection also has a range of light brown options available. Fawn Oak, Natural Oak, and Windy Oak are all beautiful light brown flooring options. Champagne Oak is a dark brown color blended with hints of light brown. This flooring option is similar to the Amalfi Oak in the XXL collection.

The TruCor Prime XXL collection offers the widest and longest WPC planks in the industry. These planks are 10� x 84�, causing them to add a bold statement to any space as they easily take center stage. The XXL collection is made from European Oak. With eight color options to choose from, there is plenty of variety in this collection. The Verona Oak flooring option is a medium tone brown hardwood in this collection. With a blended look of medium and light tones of brown, this flooring option adds warmth to a space. For darker wood flooring options this collection has three different choices. The Amalfi Oak is a dark brown option with hints of light chocolatey brown blended in it. Cider Oak and Titan Oak are similar color options with Cider Oak being a medium tone between Amalfi Oak and Titan Oak. Titan Oak is the lightest option of the three. Bristol Oak and Salerno Oak are both light and bright brown flooring options. With a blend of light browns throughout the wood, these two flooring option can open up a space. The Riviera Oak is a true grey flooring color. The lightness of the grey can open up a space while the grey color adds a modern touch to a room. Mellow Oak is a warmer version of Riviera Oak. A light, almost grey-white blended with light brown, this is a neutral flooring option that is the perfect backdrop to any home d�cor style.

With some many different color options and plank lengths to choose from, this is a collection that is full of variety. If you are looking for quality, style, and durability, this is the collection for you. For a look at more TruCor Vinyl collections, check out the TruCor 5/7/9 Series.

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