Trucor 5/7/9 Series

Trucor 5/7/9 Series

The TruCor 5/7/9 Series offers the same quality that you expect from TruCor with a collection that highlights the natural elements while providing a vinyl floor that is made to last. TruCor vinyl floors are made to withstand the demands of day to day life. These planks are 100% waterproof so you’ll never have to worry about spills. With the TruCor acrylic coating, the planks are protected against dirt, moisture, stains, and scratches. You’ll be able to enjoy beautiful floors for years to come. Worried about sound carrying more from having hard flooring? The TruCor advanced performance IXPE attached pad helps to insulate sound. With a range of color options available there is sure to be a floor that complements your commercial or residential space. Installation in this series is easy, fast, and hassle-free. This series is also backed by a lifetime residential warranty and a fifteen year commercial warranty.


TruCor 5

The TruCor 5 Series offers a plank size of 5.5” x 48”. There are a range of options to choose from in this series. For medium brown tones consider Copper Oak, Pueblo Oak, and Russet Oak. All three of these options offer a more traditional brown vinyl floor option. For lighter brown options consider Honey Oak, Relic Oak, and Tawny Oak. Honey Oak is a beautiful bright, light brown option. Perfect for opening up any space. Relic Oak is a more rustic looking light brown. Tawny Oak is a more subdued version of Honey Oak.

For those looking for grey flooring options there’s Flannel Pine, Grayson Oak, and Sugar Oak. Sugar Oak is a stunning light grey that is mostly one tone of grey. It adds a modern look to any space. Flannel Pine is a blend of light and dark greys. The contrast creates a modern feel to any space. Grayson Oak is a dark grey that is blended with lighter greys. Eclipse Walnut is a rich flooring option for those looking for a floor blended with black, dark browns, and cherry brown.

For two flooring options that are unique in this collection there is Amber Pine and Charcoal Pine. Amber Pine is a rich, bold flooring option. With a blend of light and dark browns as well as greys, this is a floor that pops in any space. For a more subdued version of Amber Pine, check out Charcoal Pine.

TruCor 7

The TruCor 7 Series offers plank sizes of 7”x 48” and 7” x 72”. For those looking for lighter flooring options to brighten up a space, the Blonde Oak, Bleached Oak, and Prairie Oak are all great flooring options. Blonde Oak is a light brown flooring option that blends different shades of light brown together to create a warm and inviting open space. Bleached Oak is a very bleached white wood color. Perfect for adding a rustic look to a space while still having a modern feel. Prairie Oak is a light, warm brown that is perfect for a more traditional space.

This collection is also full of a range of darker browns. Darkside Maple is a dark blend of browns that add an element of elegance to a space. For a more rustic look consider the Parchment Oak flooring option. With knots and a weathered look to the wood, this floor has a lot of character to it. Autumn Oak is a dark brown wood flooring option that is also perfect for adding a more rustic feel to a space. Sienna Oak is a medium to dark brown flooring option that will fit well with a more traditional home décor style.

When it comes to grey flooring options, this collection has two options available. Ecru Oak is a modern grey color that is blended well with hints of light brown throughout the wood. For a lighter grey option there is the Ozark Oak floor. With a blend of light and dark greys, this floor has a beautiful contrast to it that adds character and a modern touch to any space.

For a more muted brown option there is Flint Oak and Mineral Oak. Mineral Oak is a blend of light and dark browns. Flint Oak is beautiful light brown that is the perfect backdrop to any space.

TruCor 9

The TruCor 5 Series offers plank sizes of 9” x 60” and 9” x 72”. The Toasted Oak in this series a beautiful brown that is the perfect medium brown color. It’s an ideal backdrop to both a more modern or a more traditional space. For darker wood tones there’s the chicory oak. This bold and rich flooring option is sure to elevate any space. The cherry brown Chalet Oak is the perfect addition to a space that is in need of a more rustic feel to it. Fire Oak and Chickory Oak are similar options to the Chalet Oak.

With three series to choose from, there is sure to be a floor that is the perfect fit for your space. For more options from TruCor Floors, consider checking out the TruCor Prime collection.

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