Shaw Reflections

Shaw Reflections
Shaw offers premium hardwood flooring with designs that take your space to the next level. When it comes to hardwood flooring, there are many reasons why it's an ideal flooring choice. Hardwood flooring is rich, durable, and beautifully designed. Quality hardwood floors should be able to last in a space for generations.

Shaw hardwood floors come with a number of benefits. Firstly, Shaw hardwood floors are natural and timeless. These floors are made with quality in mind and therefore can stand the test of time. These hardwood floors are designed to add an elegant touch and inviting atmosphere to any space. Secondly, Shaw hardwood floors are durable. Made with a ScuffResist Platinum finish that is both stain and scratch resistant, your floors are meant to be lived on. When it comes to design you don't have to settle for anything less than beautifully designed hardwood that is the perfect backdrop to any space.

When it comes to accidents such as spills, the collection comes with Shaw's Repel technology. The Repel Water Resistance Laminate is made to stand up against daily wear and tear. From scratches to stains and spills, these floors can handle anything.

Concerned about the environment and sustainability? With Shaw you'll never have to choose between doing the right thing and having hardwood floors. The wood used for Shaw floors are legally delivered and sourced. Shaw is committed to providing hardwood flooring that is sustainable and the best thing for both the planet and their customers.

When it comes to styles to choose from, Shaw offers a range of options. Collections come in a variety of different hardwood species such as maple, oak, hickory, walnut, pine, birch, and cherry. Shaw also offers three different construction options.

The Shaw Reflections collection is offered in a variety of different hardwood species. There are three options to choose from in this collection if you are looking for hardwood floors that are Hickory. Luminous is an option that blends shades of darker browns with very light browns. Dark brown knots and cracks throughout the wood add to the texture and warmth of this flooring. Radiance is another Hickory option. With floors that are light with dark brown hints throughout, Radiance offers a richer wood when compared to Luminous. Lastly, there is Majestic. Majestic is the darkest option of the Hickory floors. The dark wood is almost black in appearance. With a variety of bold, dark shades of wood this is a floor that makes a statement in any space.

There are seven colors in the Reflections collection that are made from White Oak. Natural is a light and bright flooring option. With dark hints in the wood from knots and cracks, this wood flooring gives your space that perfect woodsy feel. Primitive is a darker hardwood floor option. The floor is a bolder as compared to Natural. Woodlands is a similar option to Primitive, however, it has a cleaner, more modern feel to it. Tinderbox is a unique option in this collection. With grey, browns, and light red hints, this flooring option adds a unique backdrop to any space. Wilderness is a similar hardwood flooring option to Tinderbox, however, it has darker tones throughout, making for a bolder floor. Timber has a warm and vintage feel to it. With beautiful knots and crack throughout the wood that add style and detail to the wood, this is floor that adds to the design element of a space. For a dark hardwood floor option consider Terrain. With a bold, yet clean look to it, this flooring will make an impact in your space. Hints of cherry red, blacks, dark greys, and browns, this is a unique blend of a variety of colors.

If you are looking for Ash hardwood flooring options, this collection offer three different choices to choose from. Native is a hardwood floor option that brightens up a space. With light wood and light brown on some pallets, this flooring option adds a warm yet modern touch to a space. Transcendent is a modern grey flooring option that has knots and cracks throughout. Instinct is medium tone brown flooring option that adds warmth to a space. It has a modern and clean feel to it.

For more options from Shaw hardwood flooring, check out the Shaw Castlewood and Shaw Riverstone.

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