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Backsplash Tile

Glass Mosaic Tile

The kitchen backsplash tile is a bit of a mystery to many people. What is the purpose? Do I have to have a backsplash? Does it go behind the sink or the stove…both? The answers to these questions are both simple and complex. A backsplash is designed to protect walls and surfaces from the accumulation of moisture, mold & mildew, cooking oils and other substances that may accumulate or expose paint and drywall to damage. You don’t have to have a backsplash, but it protects the wall behind from damages. It can go anywhere above the counter line in kitchens and bathrooms, installed to a height that will safely cover the area’s most prone to moisture and a height that looks aesthetically pleasing. Maybe the most compelling reason to install or renovate your backsplash is to add color, dimension or decorative accent to areas that call for flair. Adding tile accents or mosaics is one the easiest and most inexpensive ways to make a dramatic decorating impact in a short amount of time.

So what are the different types? Subway Tile backsplashes are not only a trendy option, they offer a classic look and embody Americana styling. Glass tile backsplashes make for stunning visuals and an excellent opportunity to bring color into your decorating scheme. Stone tile backsplashes work well to complement neutral color schemes and existing wall and floor coverings. Metal tile backsplashes present modern appearances and look fabulous against black, white and stainless appliances. No matter the type of tile you choose for your backsplash, the results will make an instant impact and provide an enlivening lift to application areas. Simple and effective updates make a huge difference with a small amount of effort.

Our collections span the color spectrum and provide excellent, inexpensive opportunities to update décor with ease. Lines from Daltile, Interceramic, Marazzi, Shaw and more will inspire you to create the ultimate setting within your home or office.

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