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Triangulo Brazilian Teak Hardwood

Triangulo Brazilian Teak Hardwood
Triangulo Exotic Hardwood Floors has been in business since 1972, and their Brazilian Teak engineered flooring collection has consistently been one of their most popular items for the U.S. market. Available with random lengths up to 84" and either a traditional 3.25" or wider 5.25" dimension, this flooring line can turn any otherwise ordinary home or small business into an exotic wonderland. No flooring material comes quite close to true, authentic, bona fide exotic hardwood, and designers from all over the globe have used Triangulo products to create interior dcor of the highest caliber. Due to its engineered construction, Brazilian Teak can be installed nearly anywhere indoors, including at, above, or even below grade. Engineered hardwood is more resilient to things like normal wear, moisture, and buckling, so basement installations with this Triangulo flooring is never a problem. Its scratch-resistant aluminum oxide finish further provides protection from the elements, allowing you to enjoy these beautiful floors for decades. Brazilian Teak is also compatible with floating installations, eliminating the requirement for nails or staples into the surface beneath the planks.

When it comes to flooring, sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to exotic hardwood species like teak. The golden brown hues and natural graining patterns in Brazilian Teak's single color option provide a humbly warm yet sophisticated feeling to any room where these wood planks are applied. This floor pairs nicely with black and brown furnishings, as well as glass tables and cabinets, blending upscale modernity with the wonders of nature.

Many people shy away from exotic hardwoods due to their perceived harm to the environment when they are cut down for processing. However, Triangulo has always committed to safe environmental practices that reduce their carbon footprint, utilizing sustained forests protocols and selective harvests. Order Brazilian Teak for your next flooring project today and know that you can enjoy it guilt-free.

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