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Triangulo Brazilian Pecan Hardwood

Triangulo Brazilian Pecan Hardwood Flooring

Triangulo Brazilian Pecan Hardwood Collection

This classic series of extra durable hardwood floors offer stunning shades, distinct natural character, and enduring beauty. The high color variation creates an earthen aesthetic, with lovely tones dappled all over your floors, like streaks of warm sunlight. The gloss finish and constant movement of tone makes these floors look like lazy rivers drifting peacefully throughout your home; with a broad range of exotic specimens, finding the right match for your distinct dιcor is easier than ever! All the woods in this collection by Triangulo are treated with eco-friendly manufacturing practices, ensuring a happy home and happy planet.

Variety of Stains

The Triangulo Brazilian Pecan series is available in the natural color but also comes in 3 distinct variations. The Brazilian Pecan Chocolate takes that natural tone and slightly darkens the coloring across the board giving a different dimension on the classic. This is the classic take on the hardwood with no staining. Named for the sweetness of candy, there is Brazilian Pecan Chocolate. This color derives its name from the darker staining applied to the wood. Mixing brown tones from light to medium with an occasional brownish black tint. Definitely a much different dimension to the classic. Similar to the Chocolate, is the Cocoa color, which displays a similar design yet a subtle darker appearance. The brown is more prominent in staining across the entire wood with more black, drastic smears. The newest Brazilian Pecan Graphite gives an almost black midnight tone to the wood, yet still reveals the subtle variations in the wood. Almost a darker take on the Brazilian Pecan Classic style, features rich graining, layered with midnight and dark gray mosaic lining across the surface.


The Brazilian Pecan sequence is available only in engineered construction, with a sturdy 3/8” thickness for the 3-1/4” wide products to a 1/2” thickness to support the 5” width variety. Regardless of the width chosen the lengths are up to 84 inches long. The wear layer which gives the overall thickness of the exotic wood itself is a 3mm supported by an aluminum oxide coating to protect against scratches and add to overall durability.

These, as well as the natural, but not including the cocoa color are available in the 2 different widths. The cocoa color wood flooring is available only with a 5” inch thickness. No matter what color variation is chosen, the lengths of the planks, while varied do come in up to 84” lengths for that striking visual when laid. No other exotic wood has 3 different shades to choose from while still maintaining its unique character of the wood species.

Triangulo Brazilian Pecan is versatile with installation, being suitable for basements, concrete slabs and light commercial applications. Choose your option of either stapling, glue down or floating. This product also carries a lifetime structural warranty and a 25-year finish warranty. Matching trim pieces are available to give finish options to any installation. Definitely a customer favorite!
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