Tarkett ProGen

Tarkett ProGen

The Tarkett ProGen vinyl flooring collection is designed for the modern day to day life. Have kids and/or pets? These vinyl floors are made to withstand the demands of everyday wear and tear. Whether that means withstanding stains, scratches, or spills, these floors can handle it all. Want to get flooring for your kitchen or bathroom? The Tarkett ProGen collection is completely waterproof and therefore is a great option for spaces where water spills are more common. These floors are durable in a variety of ways. With thermal stability, these floors are able to handle wide temperature fluctuations from windows and sunlight that would normally alter the appearance of the floors. Tarkett ProGen vinyl flooring is the latest product featuring rigid core technology . This enables planks to be installed over subfloors that might not be totally even and in areas that have high moisture or can be prone to water being splashed on the floor. There are two features that really make this collection stand out from all the other WPC vinyl floors available on the market. First is the large plank size. Progen features a seven inch wide by sixty inch long plank. Compared to most at seven inch wide by forty eight inches long. Second is the wide variety of colors available. Available in 22 colors which again has more options than most competitor series. This gives you a range of colors to choose from.

The Collection

One color base that stands out with this series is the brown tones. Eleven colors feature the rich and vibrant yellow to reddish brown. Three more striking visuals in each species are the Spice Bark Hickory that blend the bright tones with a pattern that hickory resembles, the Rock Maple Medio that has less graining and cleaner character lines, and the Stone Range Dusk that has a contemporary spin on the same color palette. The Alder Cashmere series features four tones, each moving progressively towards a darker brown tone slowly integrating the taupe from the whites. The lightest color, Cool Gray, is almost a cream with touches of gray compared to the Cosmos which balances out the taupes with white and grays.

Two striking colors are found in the Stained color ways. Stained Maple Carmine brings those deep but bright darker browns while Stained Maple Indigo is an almost black tone incorporating several shades of black. One other series that gives an applicable label of contemporary rustic design is the Cerused Oak Denim that has almost blueish gray accents with a taupe base. The other shade being the Cerused Oak Power that has only hints of the blueish grays but focuses on the mid to light tones in the gray family.

For those wanting a more traditional decor, worry not. The Red Oak Ginger provides everything that exemplifies the look and feel of the species, from the consistent coloring to the natural knotting of the grain. Brushed Oak Whisp takes the same format but in such a cool tone taupe. Lastly for a more rustic hickory the Spice Bark Hickory mirrors the species with warm tones of caramels with medium variations.

On the performance side, the Tarkett Progen features a 20 mil wear layer. With this comes not only a lifetime residential warranty, but an impressive 15 year commercial warranty. Contrast this to most manufacturers offer a standard 10 year for any nonresidential applications. Installation is very DIY friendly. The patented click system is 100% floating, requiring no glue or adhesives. Actually only a utility knife is needed for installation. Another great feature is the attached IXPE acoustical backing, which is a 1mm thick sound and noise suppression. Unlike cork backings, the rubber construction is impervious to any moisture either short or long term, ensuring the integrity of the floor remains as stated water proof.

See a flooring option that would be perfect for your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Tarkett ProGen collection in general. To see more vinyl collections from Tarkett ProGen click here.

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