Tarkett NuGen / NuGen XL

Tarkett NuGen / NuGen XL
When the Tarkett NuGen vinyl collection was being constructed, they made sure that these floors didn't miss a beat. Creating the best of both worlds was definitely at the top of mind with each and every plank. The rigid core design allows for maximum durability, making it the perfect choice for homeowners with kids and pets, who are likely to have a few accidents or mishaps every once in a while. Not only is this flooring protective and sturdy, but it's also extremely comfortable under the feet. When designing the colors and styles, the beauty of simplicity was taken into account. This way, there are only hues and tones available that are stylish and timeless, to take the guesswork of picking an option. Quality Flooring 4 Less offers 10 stunning colors, that are all classic and will complement any interior design.

Colors and Styles

Many homeowners can be wary that their vinyl just won't have that authentic wood look to it. With the Tarkett NuGen collection, that is not a problem. These planks embrace the natural etchings, grains, and knots that develop in real tree trunks over the years, which creates a beautiful, authentic ambience in every room. This series also has a large variety of darker, lighter, modern, and classic options, and even a combination of all of those! (Yes, it's possible.)

If you are looking for floors that are truly special (and don't look like your next door neighbor's) check out the Sand color. These floors were inspired by the beach coast, giving them the perfect beige and sand hue. If you want to feel like you are on a vacation (perhaps enjoying a cold drink) the Sand floors were made for you. Another stunning option is the Furrowed shade. This one is great for those who want to step out of their comfort zone, but also are wanting something really classic. From the beautiful blend of honeys and charcoal greys, and a stunning arrangement of knots and grains, Furrowed can transform a room.

Are you wanting a style that will open up your room or space? If this is the case, be sure to consider the Gray Pearl. These floors are sure to bring some dimension into your space due to the intense combination of lighter and darker grey shades. Is grey not really your style? That's okay, because the Tarkett NuGen collection also has a few stunning chocolate brown options. One of the top selling brown styles is the Natural shade. Inspired by beautiful woods, these floors exude a simple, warm ambience that just can't go out of style. This option is no-fuss, and easy on the eyes.

The Claro option is another timeless, yet unique option. It takes classic shades of browns and chestnuts, and pairs them with striking etchings and details. These floors can spice up a room, while creating a peaceful atmosphere at the same time. Installing these amazing floors is a stress-free process, as it uses the click float method. (Basically this saves you time, energy, and materials...thank us later!)

The Tarkett NuGen collection's end goal was to simplify the buying process by bringing every necessity to these floors, so the buyer never has to compromise. The extreme durability, comfort, and beautiful styles make up this series. The only thing missing? You making the leap and purchasing! Please give us a call to talk about all things flooring, or have us answer any questions.

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