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Somerset High Gloss

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Have you ever seen glossy hardwood before? Somerset Solid High Gloss Hardwood is sure to give a sleek, modern look to your home. This hardwood series is ideal for those who prefer a glossier finish and more natural light reflection for your living space. This hardwood selection can be utilized for commercial settings as well, showing off a professional, modern appearance. Regardless of where you install this series, it will be perfect for creating a lasting impression.

This glossy hardwood’s seven colors will create dazzling accents and reflections perfect for a variety of design choices. Solid High Gloss Cherry Oak is a great choice for those that want to add a little bit of color to their room with hardwood. This deep reddish-brown hue will add a nice color to your room, complimenting your space. Natural Red Oak is your standard light golden brown hardwood while Butterscotch is composed of a yellow-golden brown hue. Natural White Oak is the lightest hue available. Though a brother to Natural Red Oak, this hue does away with any red tinges and leaves you with a light blonde colored hue which will provide a bright inviting ambience perfect for rooms with large windows.

With its eased edge and square ends, the Somerset Solid High Gloss series comes in 2 1/4” or 3 1/4” widths and a 3/4” thickness. It’s a great alternative for those that want to try something different with their hardwood.

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