Somerset Classic Solid

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The Somerset Solid Classic series focuses on the simple look of hardwood, getting back to the very basics of hardwood and letting the wood do all the talking. What sets this series apart, however, is that rather than planks, this collection focuses on strips which are smaller in width size in comparison to its counterpart, planks. So if you�re looking for a new spin on a classic, look no further.

There are 7 brilliant colors in this series that can fit in a traditional or contemporary setting. Somerset Solid Classic Urban Gray is a prime example as a rich, smoke grey color, lightening and darkening in a monochromatic method as graining ripples across each strip. Color is embellished and causes a darker look, giving the hardwood dark grey stains on patches of the wood. Butterscotch is your hardwood standard as a honey-golden wood with brown staining and graining weaving throughout the golden stream. Cherry Oak is a darker, reddish-brown color with the cherry red dominating the wood and giving you a deep and beautiful red colored flooring. Mystic is the dark brown of the collection with darker stains skimming the surface while some patches of wood lighten up a tad. It�s a great choice for those that enjoy dark colors but aren�t looking to use grey. As you can see from the colors listed, there are great colors to be found within this selection.

As a strip hardwood, Somerset Solid Classic measures either 2 1/4" or a slightly larger 3 1/4" in terms of width size. The length of this strip is random up to 78� similar to that of your typical hardwood planks.

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