Somerset Color Plank Engineered

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The Somerset Engineered Color Plank Hardwood selection will give you the appearance of solid hardwood with added durability against moisture, cupping, and cracking. Its selection of rich colors have the versatility to blend with many design styles, from contemporary to traditional. This collection will provide a solid fullness to entry ways, grand spaces, and living rooms. The added resistance to moisture makes this collection a viable option for kitchens as well.

This hardwood collection is available in 7 magnificent colors for you to choose from. There is the Somerset Engineered Color Plank Hardwood Metro Brown which is composed of dark and rich cocoa brown shades. Dark brown occasionally stains the wooden planks. What makes this collection great is the individual characteristics and style of each plank and this hue is no exception. Smoke is a wispy grey color. This hue is a meeting of brown hardwood and smoky grey overtones, producing a handsome hue. Throughout this greyed wood is charcoal staining to give color depth to the wood. Mocha is a deep reddish brown mocha with occasional dark mocha colors here and there on certain planks. For the most part, this hardwood hue is consistent in shade. Gunstock and Golden Oak are virtually twins. Both are composed of rich and light reddish brown colors. Gunstock has an abundance of dark brown graining while Golden Oak sticks to darker reddish brown grains and character. Natural White Oak is a golden color with darker tinges of gold tinting the wood as well as flowing as the hue’s graining. The Natural Red Oak hue is a rich brown color with an ever so slight tinge of pink, giving the wood a light, reddish color blending in with the soft tan of oak.

The Somerset Engineered Color Plank Hardwood collection measures up to a couple of sizes. There is the 4” width option available along with a 5” width option. Though not much of a difference at first glance, it really boils down to your own personal tastes and needs that determines which width option you choose. As for length, the length is random up to an impressive 6½’ so your options are completely open with the flexibility of this wood.

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