Somerset Classic Engineered

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Somerset Classic Engineered hardwood flooring is crème de la crème of hardwood flooring with smooth and colorful wood floors that beg to buck the trend of “same old same old.” This collection adds the correct amount of sass and excitement with its rare color combinations mixed with real wood that effectively delivers a collection like no other. If you like a little bit contemporary with a great deal of modern and hip, you’ll crave this collection in every dimension.

Somerset Classic Engineered Butterscotch is meant for those who adore traditional hardwood flooring with its splices of bold brass colored woods mixed with amber and blonde highlights. If you are cruising for a bit more modern, you’ll fall fast for Somerset Classic Engineered Urban Grey with is a passionate blend of gun smoke gray and white chalky undertones.

Shades like Classic Engineered Red and Cherry Oak look like they were hand-picked by directly from the trees and crafted into the ideal traditional wood floors perfect for any space in any property. And if you want a slice of every shade this collection has to offer, we suggest the Classic Engineered Mystic as it grabs a slice of every color the assortment holds and creates a patchwork of flooring excellence.

To further enhance the fabulosity of each floor, there are two sizes available including; 3 ¼” and 5.” Offering 14 different colors and two sizes greatly increase this collections value, but the greatest aspect of this collection is the various wood used to make this collection a sight for sore eyes. If you are uninterested in typical and want a little something more, we firmly suggest you browse this line; there is something for everyone!

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