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The Shaw Yukon Maple hardwood flooring is nothing short of beautiful. The maple’s subtle graining and heavy scrapping done by hand creates a look that is high in character and visually amazing. What’s more, you have rich, charming colors, with offered stunning styles that will create a wonderful atmosphere for any room.

There are 5 colors for you to choose from within this hardwood selection. Starting off the series with the lightest color is Shaw Yukon Maple Mixed Width Gold Dust, which is composed of light blends of golden tones and subtle dusting of gray grain overlay and ridged etching. The texture and color created within this plank resembles a picture like a golden, sandy beach, which automatically will illuminate a happy and joyful setting when placed in any room. Perfect when placed with dark or even similar hue colors. Following Gold Dust is Buckskin. This color presents a very gentle brown with heavy grey overlay matting that is top off with golden tones, giving the wood an aged look, and a more outspoken knot presence. This type of colored plank look excellent when placed with lighter décor, especially white, in big spacious areas that have heavy access to natural light.

Aside from the two lighter colors in the collection is Bison, which is a very dark brown color. Brown is (or was) the primary color but it has heavy gray overlay and charcoal knots and etching, giving this wood plank an even darker antiqued look compared to its counterpart Buckskin. The murky, chocolate brown extended across each wood plank, incorporates very refined spots of beige, that barely seem to peek through, but are still noticeable to give a calm characteristic. This plank looks most admirable in big areas such as kitchens or living room spaces, and placed with lighter toned colors of décor to really make the floor pop with excellence.

Timberwolf takes on a more subdued gray appearance, but still contains a classic color with a touch of a calming effect. The wood has a taupe in appearance with a balanced blend of both brown and grey, with complete charcoal markings and knotting here and there. Making it a great choice for contemporary settings. The best thing about this type of color is it will fit and look absolutely-gorgeous with any type of décor color, light or dark. Even when both are used, the color of the floor will really brighten.

Finally, there’s Midnight, the darkest hue of the collection as it takes on the fresh neutral yet conservative look. Dark gray with slight blends of tans splashed into the wood to give a little color variation. The blended colors of dark with subtle accents of tan, represent a feeling of mystery and boldness, that portrays a professional and elegant looking setting in any room. If you are someone who loves to have a taste of classiness, this is the color for you.

This collection is available in three separate and enticing width options: The Mixed Width planks featuring micro-beveled edges and ends. With this option, the three widths packaged together in the same carton. There is the smaller plank format of 3¼", the slightly larger and standard width of hardwood flooring, the 5" format, and largest option in this collection, the 6⅜" format for those that enjoy wider plank sizes. With this collection, there is no need to calculate all sorts of numbers and stress yourself out over whether or not you’ve mixed up your numbers. Though, if you’re looking to be precise, this hardwood collection is also available in 5" wide planks and 6⅜" wide planks separately if you’re not looking for mixed widths.

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