Shaw Valentino

Shaw Valentino

Shaw Valentino tile flooring collection is an exciting series that holds a big introduction to wood look tile designs. The planks in this series are designed with a hand scraped surface texture that has a portrayed visual to be simply trendy. Available in a popular wide-board of 8” x 32”, this 5-colored assortment holds a Hollywood feel that was created to not only be fashionable, with a sense of movie star qualities, but also unexpectedly affordable to all.

This 5-colored palette of Shaw Valentino has colors ranging from light to dark, with each being able to show its own sense of style and chicness. The lightest, most elegant color in the collection is Action. This pure bleached, white wood color is extraordinarily sophisticated, and will really transform any type of room into an absolute masterpiece. The snow-white color that is stained along this plank mixes little hints of beige sporadically within itself to add a sense of style. Just like looking at fresh fallen snow on an open field, it’s a sensational visual you will not want to leave out of your home.

A darker color up from Action is Camera. This color incorporates white and grey tones, with very faint intimations of beige that are almost only noticeable when lighting is absorbed amongst it. This icier, light gray mix displays an innocent but very classy look, that fits perfect in wide open rooms with dark furniture, which will really illuminate its natural colors.

Next is Lights, which is a very exquisite color everyone loves. This plank blends together its sun glazed tan color with whites, that are painted in random areas for a striking design. This stylish color fits great in rooms or hallways that are surrounded with dark brown décor styles. The darker brown tones will easily have this floor color shining with radiance, leaving your home to have a content and happy feeling that is picture-perfect for family house hold environments.

Legend is another color that blends tannish and white colors together to really portray a joyful setting. This cream, enlightened gray tint has itself blended in with tiny pinches of tan that strongly peek through the grains and knots of each plank. This raw, vanilla creaminess and taupe grained plank, defines a perfectly subtle flooring setting that is nothing less of classy. Looks elegant when placed with white colored décor, showing how modish your style really is.

Hollywood is the darkest color of the collection, showing off its dark, chocolate brown visuals with incorporated lighter tones of beige and faint strips of gray, to really give it a stunningly, superb look. This tile features random variations of shade and texture within each piece. Insuring an optimum appearance. With having such a darker color than most of the ones in this collection, you can be creative with this one. Light or dark décor styles and furniture designs will look awesome with whichever way you decide to go. Whether you go the darker route or the lighter route, you will not be disappointed.

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