Shaw Sanctuary

Shaw Sanctuary
Whether you just moved, or are simply looking to tackle a DIY project, updating floors is often one of the first steps to revamping a space. Where does one even begin? From hardwood, to vinyl, to laminate, thereís so many options to consider. One of our favorite collections is the Shaw Sanctuary. This hardwood series offers the most classic shades and colors that will create a natural charm to your space. Not only are the colors stunning and authentic appearing, but the installation, warranties, and durability factors canít be beat! If you are wanting your homeís floors to exude warmth, and not compromise protection, the Shaw Sanctuary hardwood collection is the perfect choice.(And wonít let up for years to come.)


When designing this hardwood series, reliability was one of the key factors. These planks come an impressive half inch thick and 6.38 inches wide. The finish on these planks makes them water resistant. All the planks are wire brushed and made in the United States. This design makes for protective floors that wonít crack under pressure.

The Collection

The Shaw Sanctuary collection offers six absolutely stunning tones and shades, each of which have a warm and timeless essence about them. A fan favorite in this series is the Reunion shade. The details throughout the design, such as the natural grains and knots, make this floor something to remember. Combined with a beautiful chestnut base color, these planks will make your space look elegantly, simple, and authentic. For an option that is understated, but still very unique, check out the Haven tone. The planks details are very minimal and blended, but have a coffee colored, welcoming base tone.

Another gorgeous color choice are is Hearth. If you want something that is the perfect combination of modern and vintage aesthetics, Hearth is it. The darker charcoal grey tone makes the planks look contemporary, however, they are paired with rustic and simple details. For something warmer, check out the Fireside color. Like the name would imply, this color is friendly and comfortable. These planks have stunning copper and amber colored details, making them the ideal way to liven up a space.

If you need your space to appear more spacious, check out the blonder toned Serenity. These planks are a stunning blend of creams and lighter latte shades, creating an airy and innocent ambience. Canít decide if you want your space to be filled with lighter or darker hardwood floorings? Our verdict: why pick? Mindful gives you the best of both worlds, with a mixture of chocolate browns and light hazel alternating vertically throughout the planks. This shade will make any space look unique, and captivating.


The Shaw Sanctuary collection can be added to your home by implementing a variety of installation methods. From glue, to nail down, to staple, to the effortless float technique, you can install these planks to fit your homeís needs. (Bragging moment: Most hardwood collections donít have this many options!)


When you purchase from Quality Flooring 4 Less, you receive the best possible warranty that comes with the manufacturer. In this case, the Shaw Sanctuary comes with an impressive lifetime residential warranty and a five year commercial warranty. These warranties ensure that you will be able to enjoy these stunning planks for years to come, no matter where you install them!

See a hardwood flooring option in the Shaw Sanctuary collection that would be perfect for your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Shaw Sanctuary collection in general. To see more collections from Shaw, click here.

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