Shaw San Francisco

Shaw San Francisco

The Shaw San Francisco collection is a new definition for art deco and elegance represented at its best through glamorous designs your floors will be honored to adopt. Four different colors, three ways to do it. These surfaces are ready to be accommodated into any theme and style. That’s right: the possibilities are endless, and the exquisiteness in modern rustic surroundings is what defines every single one of these.

Suitable for interior and exterior spaces, this porcelain tile line offers you a gorgeous selection in color definitely worthy of the most exclusive designer’s attention. Starting with the lightest of these four tonalities, their option Presidio expresses purity through a scale of cloud grays and touches of tans. Transitioning these same gloomy shades is Lombard, which also incorporates your favorite fossil and shadow greys contrasting with more of those pure white undertones. On the other hand, their Pacific Heights is another aspect of this collection you need to take a closer look at, resembling natural stone tones, as well as contrasting beiges and tans, this is a combination of rustic oranges and reds that will make your outdoor and indoor surroundings look chic and sophisticated. Finally, for those still striving for more neutral color schemes, Nob Hill takes us back to those gloomier shades of gray and subtle taupes and tans. This selection is gorgeously designed to provide you with that contemporary brick effect on your wall and floor surfaces.

Furthermore, when talking about sizes, we know that one of your main questions will consist of the resemblances of brick and natural stone on your high-quality porcelain surfaces. Well, a 4”x8” dimension takes this brick resemblance into consideration, allowing you to mix and match the diverse variations to create the most versatile tile patterns in the market. Additionally, following the art deco inspiration is their hexagonal shape, which seems ideal for further details on your spaces, including--but not limited to--backsplashes, pathways and showers. This choice is available in a fashionable 11”x10” size. Finally, their deco mix concept is an incredibly innovative rhythm that can be found on accent walls and as focal points details. This reclaimed and vintage look is available in the size of 8”x4”, still resembling brick in a more unique manner. Now you know that if you’re looking for rusticity, elegance and originality, the Shaw San Francisco porcelain collection is definitely here to trigger your creativity. Get inspired and start designing with innovation and style.

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